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    Don't we need to go Offline more often?

    In the current scenario of demonetizatiin, when most of the common crowd is suffering from cash crunch and absence of online payment facility, I think technocrats need to work harder on inventing more offline options in banking and payment processing.

    Currently we all are dependent badly on internet, and every modern facility is evolving around internet. But don't you think, that is a dependent condition? In earlier days there were no internet and still systems used to work. Many a times, it so happened that we had to wait for a long time in the bank, because the server was down.

    So till then internet becomes omnipresent, should the systems suffer? Isn't it time that we move towards an offline world, where systems work through intelligence and not solely dependent on internet?
    What is your opinion on this, please share.
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    The completely offline banking may appear to be a relief from the issues of server down problems, in the long run such offline functionality can result in unnecessary delays in getting the things done. At least, that is what I think. The current trend of getting things done by means of internet will slow down to what used to be in the olden days.
    I agree that the systems used to work before the online thing came up. But, were you able to transact in any branch? I do not remember having been able to do that. You needed to visit the branch for getting the things done.
    By the way, I do not think you need to visit the bank for getting your financial transactions done. Servers can go down at particular locations, but the central system does not generally go down for longer durations. From that point of view, I do not think online mode has any serious issues as such.

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    At present time both offline and online mode works together in the nation. In past, most of them believed offline banking is worthy but have to wait for a long queue to get complete their transactions. Little by little concept changed. They got cheque and demand draft which could be easily transact for one branch to another branch. People needs their change in banking style, so credit cards and debit cards came to act. The online mode is popular to create revolution. The digitalization concept is worthy and easily transactional. The digital payments will make you safe to handle credit or debit cards in hand other than carrying cash always to shop. Internet becomes major issue while connecting servers are inappropriate in some banks. This could be solved in many branches. Those who can handle the digital payments through online can go with that. But peoples like who don't have knowledge or belief in online, can go with the offline mode. This could stop queuing and getting back free and safe transactions. At my point of view, online mode of operation is better than the offline mode.

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    No Timmappa, I am not saying earlier times were better without internet. But on the contrary what it feels that post internet era, we should be able to extend the tentacles of this technology that it works for a lengthier time even when there is a disruption in the internet. I mean a backup system for the internet itself.
    For example, Youtube is now offering the Offline services for watching videos. Can't the same technology be applied to other systems including banking as well? So that, things should not get stuck if by any reason internet cannot get accessed. Please share your views on this line.

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    I do not think there is no option for what you have been suggesting. It is quite possible that the back up system exists. But, I feel the bank employees use the pretext of the server being down to their own benefit. Though it may not be a regular sign everywhere, it is a possibility that I have witnessed at some banks.
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