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    What is the Latest News on Robotic Technology?

    I have been keen on this subject "robotic technology" since a few years back, when I heard Medical Science is using this technology for high precision operations. We have been fantasizing on this subject since our childhood and each child is interested in robots.
    A number of videos are coming up in the social media showing unbelievable concepts in Robotic Technology as future technology that are likely to come up.
    I have tried to search on this whenever I get time. But the current scenario is such that it has become difficult to identify, which source of information is authentic and which of them are fake.
    Basically I hope Robotic Technology gets a huge leap this year and eases out many of the tasks where things need yet to be streamlined.
    The concept behind Robotic Technology is to ease menial tasks as well as replacing human life with devices, where it can be dangerous for human lives to be experimented. The other reason behind Robotic Technology is freeing common people from time consuming chores. And where I come into the picture is this. So, I am eager to know how soon we could expect a robot at home?
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    I have an interest in new technology, that too in robotics. In worldwide, implementing robots for human workforce is actually amazing concept. User friendly robots have seen in many industries. The latest news about robotics was, a robot named Franka Emika by Haddadin was invented and going to ship in 2017. You may ask what this robot does and how it would be look alike. This robot looks like a hand of knife or can say as one arm robot. It is not harmful but people friendly. It is designed to work with the human workers. It also functions the tasks given in a direct requirement with the controlled manner. So we could see this device coming into all places by 2017.

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    Robotics has been one of the concepts that has always interested human psyche. So much so that it has been the inspiration for many movies - especially in Hollywood. The concept has been given unusual twists in the films.
    However, of late robot scientists have been seemingly inspired by these movies. Rather than having a few arms and limbs, the modern robots have been visualised in a completely human way. The hair color, skin with embedded sensors and the voice that is not robotic to hear ( but robotic in any way, in its accent) are some of the ideas that have made robots more realistic. That leaves us having robots behave in a natural environment
    I would expect the future robots with almost all humane traits - the eyes that move and blink, facial expressions what the robot detects around it and a humanly greeting could be some of the possibilities.
    As a side note, I would expect the future pets would be robotic as well.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    That is what even I have read. In some videos they show a robot riding a bicycle. Nowadays the captcha system proves there are robots using the computer, leaving alone the fact that computer itself is the basic step of robotic teçhnology.
    But I am keen to know, when will the full fledged robot come to the market, the way we have been tempted in the movies? Any clues?

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    Something I read today over the internet made me come back to the thread. Some sort of study has indicated that "people sleeping ( I hope I do not need to make it more clear as what I mean by that word) with robots" will be common place by 2025. The possibility may seem to be a great technological advancement, but does it not look weird and somewhat immoral?
    Does such a possibility do away the need and access to love, humanity or such humane feelings? What would the life be without those feelings? The society appears to be moving more towards the bodily needs and self appeasement than being emotionally involved in a man- woman relationship as it has been over the years?

    Live....and Let Live!

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