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    A Small Request to Our Webmasters

    We all know, Techulator is undergoing a shortage of member activity and inflow of traffic since few months. We are observing that the site has changed for better in many ways, and now contributing in Techulator is easier than before. But as we are looking for more traffic for the site, it is obvious that we need some more changes to the site.
    One such point where I found we need some change is, the options for sharing our articles, Expert questions, Forum Discussions on the social media pages.
    Usually we find, in every site, sharing it on social media has become almost manadatory. But in Techulator there isn't any direct option yet. That makes a little bit of inconvenience, as we forget to share it later, once our stuff is approved.
    Copying the link and sharing them to different groups has to be there, but in that case members would not bother to share any other writer's article by taking that much trouble. On the oher hand, if there's a direct link on the page itself, we can share all the articles whichever we are coming across. Even visitors can do the same, if they feel any article is worth sharing.
    Friends please share your view on this, and I request our Webmasters to share their opinion too.
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    That is actually a good suggestion. As we can see in almost all the sites, we have the default share button. It is indeed a human tendency to share only those posts which we have authored. Having separate share buttons on each of the posts will definitely be handy in sharing the posts on social media.

    I second the suggestion put forth by Anwesha.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    It was a good idea by you Anwesha. I have seen most of the sites providing sharing option to their viewers. This is more convenient opinion for one who is reading a good article and feels to share with others. This is one of the top notches in technology. By keeping this sharing option we could get more traffic in the search engine. Also more viewers will be preferred to the site. I suggest the webmasters to consider this idea to implement in our site. It would be a little change that could make an impact about TEC.

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    The thread has been made sticky so that it will attract the attention of the webmasters and the team. I wish to see the observations of the team soon.
    Live....and Let Live!

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