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    2016 - A retrospective look into the year gone by

    2016 will come to an end today. Being a technology site, I would want our members to ask how did the year fare in their view?
    In my view, the year gone by has two biggest news. One of them is the fire and explosions in Note 7. The issue created a serious dent in Samsung's reputation. Maybe it will take much effort on the part of the company to clear the problems created by the catastrophe.
    The second, in my view, is the shutting down of Cyanogen. The most beloved custom ROM has ceased to exist with the sunset today ( in fact, it has already shut down). We hope that the concept would carry on with the LineageOS that promises to continue the legacy. However, until that happens, it is a dreaded end for the geeks who loved to mod their operating system(To be frank, I am one of them - with my four year old Samsung Galaxy S3 running on Android 7.1.1, thanks to Cyanogen).

    I welcome my fellow techians to share their views on the changes they observed in the past year. Be specific to the year in terms of technology alone.
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    As far the technology failures in 2016 which I have experienced in point of my view were lot.
    At first one of the biggest news I have heard is about explosion of Samsung galaxy note 7. This device has been exploded in many places where this device has been banned in all Airports. Passengers were not allowed to carry this device on board. Many said Lithium ion battery which have been present in this device were not suitable for charging in all circumstances. This major issue made a recall by the company over 2.5 million products around the world.
    In second, fake news about social media. Hacking of various popular personalities accounts like Twitter, Facebook, etc,. These were the biggest news on all social media. This creates the raising of security systems in all the social media sites.
    In third, an encryption news about Apple with FBI. Apple refuses to open the unlocked iPhone inorder to show the security levels of their iOS. This was the critical and crucial situation for the Apple. This was the hot news at this trend.

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