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    Two graceful years on Techulator - A lookback

    Today, I am about to complete two successful years on Techulator. I would consider it apt to look back at what I could achieve over these two successful years.
    I joined the site on Jan., 1 in 2015. I must say it was the best ever choice of my life. Techulator introduced me to the art of content writing. Over the first year, i could bring myself to the member rank no. 1, which I have been continuing to enjoy till now. With 206 articles on the site - including five which are to be reviewed, I am happy to be maintaining the level that I had last year. The site has helped me earn over Rs. 62000 over the last two years, i am glad I could exceed what I achieved in 2015.
    Moreover, I have been getting quite a few assignments from third party clients for their needs in content writing. It was all possible because of what Techulator taught me. Besides, the warm environment here is what makes you stay glued to the site. I would thank all my fellow members and the site team for the constant encouragement. Special thanks go to Tony sir who helped me get more confident by offering some special paid reviews, which incidentally were featured on the home pages or product pages of concerned sites.
    Look forward to continue the trend in the new year.
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    Congratulations Timmappa for your consistently successful journey in Techulator and for the position you have achieved within such a small period of time. Since you have joined the site, we haven't seen any other name competing you in any of the sections leave alone the amount of remuneration you could earn from this site.
    It is your consistent perseverance that led you ahead of us all through each day, month and year since you have associated yourself with this site. It was an amazing performance , bright with exemplary contributions in every kind of writing this site expects us to write.
    The very common problem with most of the bloggers like us, is the writer's block and the laziness that attacks us more often than others, and we defend ourselves by calling this "freedom". You have shown us the correct way, that if we want to free ourselves from the hard work, we should be ready to forego the awards too.
    That's a lesson you have taught us everyday.
    Hope we have learnt it.
    Keep us showing the way and do keep sharing your success story here time to time, so that new writers can get the right direction, information and inspiration who want to make writing as their career.
    Wish you all the best in the coming days and a very prosperous year ahead.

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    Thank you Anwesha for those words. I must admit that it is the fellow members like you who have been consistently cheering me up whenever I felt I was down. The syndrome you called Writer's block affects me too - from time to time. That was exactly what happened a couple of months ago.
    Apart from the earning part, the site has been an essential part of my life and that is exactly why I am constantly checking it out from time to time and attempt to be associated with it in one form or another. I would just love to see more members joining in so that the site can flourish as an authority site and a pioneer in the concept that it works on. I am planning to share this thread in different social media platforms so that people can get attracted to the site.
    A happy new year to you and all the members in advance!

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hi Timmappa,
    Sorry for the delayed response! Congratulations for completing two years here and achieving a lot in that period both as a contributor here as well as a freelance writer.
    I must praise your dedication and hardwork that you are able to write even after doing your full time job. I on the other hand fell too back once I took the leap from being a college student to being a employed individual.
    I guess you still don't have AdSense which I would suggest you should start working for. You are missing the main attraction of writing on TEC. Top contributors here have earned much more through AdSense than the the cash that is distributed. That I guess would give you an idea how handsome the earnings are. Furthermore, these earnings are for long time unlike the cash earnings for which you have to contribute regularly.
    This year, make it a target to get your own AdSense account and if you need any help, we are always here to guide you.

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    Thank you Webmaster, those insightful words coming from the webmaster himself should mean a lot. In fact, I know the importance of AdSense. My major concern is that I do not have an active blog and as such cannot apply for AdSense. I am, in fact, yearning for my own AdSense account. But, can't see how to get it.
    Any suggestions from your end would be much valuable.

    Live....and Let Live!

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