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    Can We Invite Members Through Social Media Groups?

    I have been wondering since few days, if we can post our "invite a friend" link in different social media groups to which we have subscribed in sites like Facebook, Linked In etc.? To be specific, is it allowed in Techulator to share our referral link in these sites other than sending them only to known contacts?

    I got this idea because I have seen such posts in different social media sites and have found a lot of positive responses to them. In my case, I don't have many contacts who might be interested in content writing as most of them are settled in their own field of interests.

    In social media, the groups are based on common interest, and there the freelancers group, bloggers group who are bringing like minded people together where the members would be looking for such opportunities. So there's a huge chance that we get people to know our site, if they find our referral link. That way, Techulator can have fresh members who are already in this field and if it clicks, our site can get back the popularity it used to have earlier.

    I request Tony Sir and other Webmasters to let us know, if that can be done. Friends please share your views too, whatever is your opinion on this.
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    I do not think there are any issues in inviting members from social media groups. I have done it myself. As long as you are bringing in new members to the site, it should not matter whether you are inviting them from social media groups or any other sources.
    I would advise you to take care about the spammers. There are people who just want to promote their sites on Techulator. Those may not be right choices for the betterment of the site. Otherwise, it would be great idea to bring new members.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thank you Timmappa for the relevant feedback. I think it is time we members take an initiative to post our referral link to the respective social media pages and try to bring a decent traffic as well as potential members to the site.
    Friends please respond with your opinion.

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    I do that quite often. In fact, I keep sharing the information contained on the site on my social media circles and keep inviting the friends and others to join the site. I just yearn to see more members joining the site so that the site can get back to the days when it used to have a huge number of talented members who kept contributing with a series of informative content.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I too had this idea once before. I had posted my link on Facebook and have waited for the responses. But most of them were not serious about this. I got many suggestions from my friends. As Timmappa said about spammers and their activities, we could be getting trouble in that. The people who don't have knowledge in writing skills may enter here. They think only about earning option alone and register here. After they register, they simply posts useless contents over here. This could be critical and problematic.
    At my point of view, we can make a documentary about our site. How it functions? How members were posting and earning and sharing the guidelines of our TEC site. This could be done my making one of our successful member to share about his or her growth and path in TEC. By taking a documentary video and posting in social media like YouTube and Facebook could be my idea. We can get many views and get a proper member.

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    There is no need for a documentary or something of that nature. The site itself holds a lot of topics on the guidelines on how to contribute on the site. The topic is about whether it would be allowed to post the links to social media so that we can attract more members to the site. I wish our members would stay on topic rather than straying away to discuss something else.
    The essence of the matter is we can post our referral links to the social media profiles and hopefully, get a couple of members on board. If the members are indeed in the functioning of the site and its content - they would definitely continue with the site. If they tend to become spammy, we in the team can definitely take the necessary action. We would therefore invite all the present members to share their profile on their social profiles and get as many members as possinle on board.

    Live....and Let Live!

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