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    Nokia Nostalgia - What would you look forward to?

    As the time for the new Nokia smartphones launch is drawing closer, I cannot stop thinking about what these dream devices would be like. There is a huge nostalgia element associated with the Nokia brand. Be it the sturdiness of the mobile devices made by Nokia ( there are people still using a Nokia device) compared to the fragile build seen on the recent smartphones, or the signature Nokia tone that defined our affinity to the brand - we have all grown with it.
    Nokia is known to think out of the box. It had been innovative even in its hay days. Can we expect the same degree of innovation even now? I really hope to witness the same zeal.
    I would guess the pricing and being different from the lot would be the deciding factor. What our techians would expect from the brand that has ruled our heart not so long ago? Do share your ideas on how different would you want the new Nokia from the rest of the crowd?
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    Nokia is the name every user is definitely missing today. The make, the functionality, the sound quality, the built and durability, the customer support and above all, their reasonable pricing reminds people, what should a mobile device perform like. Personally speaking, I don't think, many brands have the capability of making a match for Nokia products. In my house we are still using the old Nokia device, and after thousands of misuses, malhandling and negligence, it is performing the same, as it used to do in the first few days. There is no better sound quality I have experienced better than Nokia.
    The news that Nokia is having a comeback on 2017 with its latest products is almost like a relieving news to many of us, more than a good news.
    What I expect from Nokia this time, are:

    1. They should integrate keypads to the smartphones like the earlier models, without increasing the overall size of the phone.

    2. There should be some dedicated button for receiving and making calls in the devices, as that is very necessary for emergency situations I guess.

    3. This time I am even expecting a good quality earpiece with their devices, and they should put in a good music player as default and a long lasting battery.

    4. The other thing which they should focus on is the camera, where most of the phones are competing with each other.

    5. Lastly they should not shoot up the price for whatever they are offering, the reasonability we expect from Nokia regarding the pricing, should be maintained.

    Apart from this, I hope Nokia would have their own set of surprising elements which would woo the market as always. Nokia makes products that serves the purpose of technology, that is helping people in minimizing their menial tasks. This aspect has to be there even now so that the product doesn't become a headache of the user and make him work harder to maintain it.

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    Those were a few great inputs, Anwesha. In any case, I too hope that Nokia will keep the prices down with some innovative features. However, it is not sure whether Nokia is coming back with just its name, or the zeal continues is what we need to see.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    As we know Nokia lost its position in the market for some years. The competition of Apple and Samsung brands in market lets Nokia to quit its products. But there were rumors and news led Nokia to get back its seat in 2017. Nokia's new production in Smartphones and reviving of Smartphones, tablets and old models are getting the seat in market. This was the good news for all freaks of Nokia. The famous Nokia ringtone would be the coolest and favorable for all. The operating system which I hear first was Symbian, this was a trend setting operating system in Nokia. It is most famous for its low price, reliable and versatile in nature. This leads the legacy for the Nokia.
    Most of the expected old models needs to be release once again in the market were Nokia 1100, 1110, 'N' series, 3210, 3310, 5210 and 5800. I have experienced to use these models in past. Most of them would have any of these models still in their hands now. Expecting all these models should once again to run in market.

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    Bharath, please note that Nokia will now come with Android Operating system. You are very well aware of the fact as you have come up with a few discussions yourself. I can't see the logic behind your request for the relaunch of the older symbian devices. I would request you to stay logical to the topic under discussion with practical inputs. Repeating the same information that has already been pointed out in the previous threads may not lead to a useful discussion.
    Live....and Let Live!

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