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    Google Pixel Devices - Did they fail?

    Google had positioned the Pixel smartphones as premium flagships. The smartphones are acclaimed by the tech critics for their camera performance. The latest Android Nougat OS, ability to back up your photos seamlessly on Google Photos and smooth functioning of the devices was in fact the talk of the town during the initial days.
    However, the devices seem to be having quite a few issues. Within three months, the phones have begun to show issues like lens flare in the images taken under some lighting conditions. There are other reports like microphones not functioning properly.
    Where does that exactly put Google Pixel devices? Will they need to go back to Nexus devices as their premium smartphones?
    I welcome our tech experts to have a healthy discussion on the future of Pixel devices.
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    Google created this pixel to get a competition in market with the Apple's iPhone. The best part in this model which Google sees was its Android Nougat 7.1 operating system. This new operating system software doesn't seem to be hand pick for the Google. Later the functioning of operating system gets bit trouble in its user interface, getting problem in camera lens and images, accessories problem, internal speaker issues. These thinks started to revolve in the social media. Google were fixing this problem in short range. But many feel comfortable with this device. I feel the problem is with its operating system. They need to test with that with their internal devices. Instead of going back to the Nexus, Google pixel can withstand with its own ability and mass up its performance.

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    Sorry to differ on that note. The latest operating system - Android Nougat 7.0 - has no issues with itself whatsoever. The OS version is running perfectly on other devices. Most of the problems being reported are hardware related. The microphone issues and the halo effect on the camera cannot be related to the software. If the software was the culprit, you would have faced the above-stated issues right from the beginning. I would advise the members to take note of the same.
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    I here came to mention that Android Nougat 7.0 is not fit for the Google Pixel device. It doesn't mean that the operating system have an issue. It is stated that the hardware system which is the internal of the device have an issue. I clearly mention about the internal problems of the device. Many of the users have mentioned that Android Nougat is not capable of fitting with this pixel device. So the main problem is about the device which needs to be care with the manufacturer. Also one of my colleague who used this device said, he dint find any issues till now.

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