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    What is the recent App you have found most useful?

    Nowadays, we are downloading apps every now and then in our smartphones depending upon our requirements and interests. Most of them are based on some utility and many of them are just for fun and entertainment. The apps are different in shades and structure for the different OS that we are using, while many of them are ready and equallly compatible for all of them.
    This thread is to discuss on the current trend that is prevalent in the world of smartphone technology, trying to gauge the interest of people and the authenticity and functionality of apps which are showing themselves up through various ads and promotions.
    Recently what and all Apps you have downloaded and which of them have you found most useful? Please share your experience and a little bit details of the app. You can add as many apps as you like, as it is quite obvious you would be using them only if you found them useful.
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    Well, I happen to check out the new apps whenever I get time. When it comes to the newest apps are concerned, I would love to mention one of them that has catched my attention.
    We have our cherished memories in the form of vintage photographs. But, by the nature of their chemical reactions, they tend to fade away. We hate losing those old photographs given the nostalgic feelings they are attached to. PhotoScan by Google Photos is an app that helps you digitise the old printed photographs and save them digitally. Moreover, the app also allows you touch it up to improve the quality without destroying the originality.
    Then there are apps that have gone important after the recent demonetisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes. - the banking and payment apps as also the mobile wallets. They have been receiving huge updates and improvement in functionality.

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    I have tried more new apps and if it is useful for me I will keep using it. If it doesn't suits me I will uninstall those apps. My recent apps are:
    1. Gif Maker/Gif Editor: Normally Gif's are trolling in whatsapp recently. It makes me crazier to create my own Gif. So I searched in Google Play Store. I found this app and rating was also good. When I download this app I got positive feedback. With this app we can create a video to gif and gif to video and even photos to gif. It is possible to create gif in these entire formats. We can create around 100 photos into a gif. Also this gif can be edited. We can share the saved our gif to all social media apps like Whatsapp, Hike, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    2. PhotoScan: This was the most recent app by the Google. I have seen ads regarding this app. I was so interested by watching this and feel to use it. We can scan a photo with this app by simple way. There will be 4 capture points will be there. We need catch those points in order to complete the perfect scan. We can also crop those scanned images. I have tried this app to scan all my certifications and it was so good.

    In the continuation of my above response I have tried these apps also.
    1. Allo: This app was introduced by the Google most recently. With this app, we can chat with the friends by texting, sharing emojis, stickers and so on. Even suggested replies also possible with this app. Google assistant also providing various helps in order to solve our queries. We can chat with them with one-on-one conversation. Incognito mode helps you to chat in more encrypted way to make sure your chats are private. This app was the best move by the Google.
    2. All Video Cutter: I need to cut my videos from various sources like movies and videos. So I downloaded this software in order to cut and use videos. It just provides to select your videos which need to be cut. Start and end point needs to be selected in that video. That's all. Now you are converted your own video by cutting.

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