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    How to check the traffic of my Question?

    Here I have raised a thread regarding on checking the traffic of my own question in AES. I don't know how to check the visitors of my question. I want to know in what position my question was in search engine. Can members share your knowledge to make me helpful regarding this issue?
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    Glad to know your interest in finding the traffic gained by the questions you have posted in the Ask Experts section. You should find it easily on the page displaying your question.
    Find your question by going into the AE section. You will find the link to Check Traffic just below your profile. Clicking on it should take you to the page where you can find the traffic gained by the particular thread. It works same across all the sections in this site.
    You can just check it out and respond here if you have any doubts.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    @Tammappa, I couldn't find check traffic option under my profile. Is that any other possible way to find or could you share a snapshot regarding this. It would be helpful for me to find the link.

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    You will not find the check traffic option on your profile. You can find it in each individual question you have posted.

    It would be like this:
    1. Go to the page of the question.
    2. Below the heading, there will be a sub heading/description of the question given by the editor,
    3. Below that there will be the posted dates, edit button, etc.
    4. Below that there will be "check traffic" option appearing in blue.

    Hope you get it this time. If not, feel free to ask again.

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    Bharath, please check the response I have posted to your query. Where did I say that you need to find it under your profile? I asked you to go to the question you have posted and then under your profile details just beside the question where you name and points are displayed , you will find the link to check traffic.
    Kindly read the response clearly.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    No Timmappa, you haven't said that but I think Bharath got confused somehow with this phrase
    "You will find the link to Check Traffic just below your profile".
    Hope he finds it now.

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    Yes @Anwesha, I got really confused in that phrase. I read the response well but bit confused with that phrase. Now l'm cleared. Thanks Anwesha and Timmappa for your both responses.

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