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    Unable to find a recently made blog on google

    I made a blog with the help of but when I searched on google for it.
    My blog is not visible anywhere and there are many blogs with the same name
    even by copying same link that my blog has, I am unable to find my blog.
    What should I do to make my blog visible to audience here is the exact same link of my blog which I have made as bookmark on my pc.
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    On using the exact link, you can visit your blog. As I could find myself, I could visit your site. You have good content as long as those poems are concerned. However, for a good search engine visibility you will need to share your content across different social platforms. Having a custom domain can be more helpful.
    Share your content across Facebook, Twitter and such social profiles.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    On your given link I could view your blog. It looks nice. Make more and more posts that make your blog more attractive. You have given two languages in your poem. One of my suggestions is separate those two language poems in order to visible in continuity. Both these languages migrated so it looks clumsy. If you can't find you blog in search list, make a change in your settings that your blog searchable.

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    It takes some time for Google to index new blogs. If you want more visibility in the search results, try to post more often. Share your posts on social media to get more exposure. Once you're getting significant page views, your blog's ranking should improve.

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    Mega search engine like Google or Bing etc. takes time to crawl the content specially for the new blogs or even new blogspot etc.

    They have different parameters and work accordingly for relevancy - search result. The blogger or writer just need to fill the quality content regularly or post the upcoming trending content and wait for the traffic etc.

    You may also can get social traffic which is not actually good in case if you would like to earn online from AdSense etc. and they consider it as referral or unnatural traffic.


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    Ensure your blog is indexed by Google. Submit your sitemap through Google Search Console, use relevant keywords, and create quality content. Promote your blog on social media to increase visibility.

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