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    How to capture video on lecture notes?

    Hello friends,

    I tried many times to capture video while explaining the topic on the paper. Every time I can see my hand on the paper and it occupies more than 80% of the paper at the beginning. Later on the capturing part was little bit good. Will you please help me on how good I can capture video through smartphone while I am explaining on the paper/notes?

    Second one is: In some youtube videos I can see only hand (picture) writing on the board.
    Here is the link. Just for example.

    How to do like that? Or any other better ways for this? Please share it here.
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    If you are trying to capture a video in your Smartphone, you have many ways to do that. First of all, if your Smartphone is applicable to update its operating system for 6.0 android versions, then you can get an icon named as "Screen Capturing" in notification bar. This would be so simple and helpful in recording. You can set a time for recording your screen in your Smartphone.

    If suppose your Smartphone is not updatable for android 6.0 version, then you can go to your Google Play Store inorder to download applications for this process. Some of the best screen recording app in android device is:

    1. Shou
    2. Screen Recorder
    3. SCR Screen Recorder
    4. Rec Screen Recorder HD
    5. AZ Screen Recorder
    6. Mobizen Screen Recorder
    7. Stream
    8. Vysor

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