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    Which is best for gaming. Ubuntu or windows,

    I am planning to buy a laptop of around 30-40 thousand. I have lot of confusion on either I should buy a laptop which has windows operating system pre installed or I can go for Ubuntu pre installed in which I can install windows operating system later. And I also have to know that, which best for gaming windows or Ubuntu os. And what is mean by wine under Ubuntu os.
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    I can go with Windows operating system due to its flexible in handling. For the past 10 years I'm using windows for my personal use. I have played all sort of formatted games in my windows. Everything is so lenient for me to use. Handling files, playing music or videos, gaming, using software, everything is so good in windows. The major fact with these two operating systems is RAMMING. The higher RAM gives better performance for these two operating systems. In this Windows beats the Ubuntu operating system.

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    If you are looking for a laptop for gaming purpose, better go for Windows OS. If you have a Windows installation then buy an Ubuntu-based laptop since it will cut around 3-4k from your purchase price. Ubuntu is not for gaming since not many games a developed for the platform.

    Wine is a utility which allows you to install Windows applications in an Ubuntu environment. However, Wine takes a lot of resources from CPU and will leave you with games that run slowly or hang. This I am saying on the basis of the configuration you will get in your budget.

    I have a laptop with 4 GB RAM, Intel i3 2nd gen and in this, you can't run anything using Wine leave alone games.

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    Windows, of course.
    Doesn't matter laptop or desktop.
    Unless you intend to play games that run only on Ubuntu, which are not that many, to be honest.

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