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    Which Operating system do you prefer in your smartphone?

    Currently there are a handful of Operating systems doing well in the smartphone industry, namely android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry and a few more. All of us have observed that many companies are trying their hands on Android, like Blackberry. Is it because Androids are the most popular ones? I do have a curiosity on this issue and want to know the actual reason behind it.
    On the other side I am even curious about the differences of performance between each of them, as I myself didn't yet use much of different Operating Systems so far. So which is your favourite Operating System and why? Please share your opinion and experience about them.
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    Well, I would prefer Android. As technology freak, I would love to have more of a free hand and a wider choice. With more than one thirds of Global smartphone market being on the Android platform, you get a really great deal of options to choose from. Moreover, once you root your device ( though I may not advocate rooting each one of your devices, especially - if you cannot handle it), you get the ultimate freedom on how you would wish to use your device.
    iOS, though one of the most secure platforms, does not give the choices. Apart from that, the expensive price tag makes it out of the reach for the majority. Functionalitywise, the differences between Android and iOS is weaning away as both the major operating systems have been in a sort of give and take these days as they have been incorporating the features that were hitherto exclusive to either of them.
    BlackBerry and Windows have fallen out of the race long ago. I do not think there are many takers for them.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I will prefer Android operating system for any of my Smartphones. I have experienced its taste of flexibility and functionality. It is because, android is so flexible for its users due to applications, themes, and user friendly moves. Before android, lot of inconvenience has in technology. Most of them were unaware about applications and useful functions in their device. Even I feel android the name brings the world about Smartphones. After this operating system comes into market, the sales of the mobile phones increased. More number of branded Smartphones arrived in the market. Low cost mobiles came into hands of users. Every action came out by this android operating system. But the popularity of android operating system never decreased with the other operating systems like windows, iOS and etc. Every operating system trying to beat the growth of android, but everyone were failed to do it. This was the very best of android operating system.

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    I would like to also go with Android OS at present. I tried Windows and iOS etc. but I personally feel Android OS is comfortable and far better than others comparatively. I have used normal mobile phone (before Smartphone) as well for a long duration and can say that Android platform let you feel very friendy, convenient, personal, lots of features, many choices, low cost and on.

    Google play helps us to get what we wants freely or with less price. The developer mainly focus first on Android platform that is an added advantages for the users to get the benefit out of it. There are many (known and unknown) apps and features that helps many one or the other day.

    Google account sync helps many things. Google Chrome and other browsers move smoothly for the net connectivity. Android helps for any gadget viz. Smartphone, Tab PC or even related devices.


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    What makes Android a great platform to choose is the wide range of options you get with it. As Hafeezur said Google is what the world looks forward to for most of the needs, and Android coming from Google makes it the best operating system.
    However, the line that differentiates the operating systems has been thinning down considerably and that can result in equivalent systems with just the change in the name, I suppose.

    Live....and Let Live!

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