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    Does any new idea may create some changes in TEC?

    Every year members will raise this question for some changes needed in our TEC. Depends on that many changes has been occurred. Right now many members were inactive in our site. Do we really want some changes to make them more active? Can members share your thoughts and feels for a change?

    Let I start first. We have contest like Member of Week and Member of Month contributions. This will happen with overall contributions from the members in all the section. Why don't we make a change in it? Let we take, a member suppose to be more active in Ask Expert section, he might not be able to go with Articles and Forum section, how could be they gain up. If the awards are separated, it might be helpful for members to make them contribute in all the sections. Peoples who are trying to concentrate on their strong zone will meet the respective competitor in that section.

    This is one of my suggestions. I need more suggestions' like this to improve our members to be more active in our site. Likewise I have noticed that Member of the Week Award given lastly on 7th to 13th Nov 2016. After that, it was not announced. Please webmasters kindly look upon it.
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    Bharath, being one of the older members on the site, you should be aware that periodic awards like Member of the Month and member of the week always need to be on the basis of overall performance. You may be aware that such performance awards are always based on the total performance you have put in. For the individual performers in particular sections, we already have super contributor awards in Ask Experts, Resources and Forum sections separately. We do not believe in having another set of awards on individual sections.

    As for the pending awards announcements, let me point it out to you that a few contributions from the period after the awards announcement have been pending for review. We always have internal discussions before deciding to announce an award. Once the contributions for the period have been reviewed, the corresponding awards will be announced.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    TEC has always honoured our newer ideas and often implemented them in no time. The method of submitting articles, the method of attaching the images, and several suggestions on the website and its look, we have been lucky to see the changes in them within very few days.

    But in this case, what you are suggesting, is already in place, which you might have missed out somehow. But if you have other suggestions, do place them here without any hesitation. The issue of our older members being inactive these days are really bothering all of us, and we have gone through a series of discussion often. So if you can suggest some new and effective ideas to bring them back or invite new and fresh members, TEC would definitely encourage you.
    Feel free and share your opinion and ideas as often as they come.

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    Exactly, Bharath. I am sorry if my response had any strong words. We would welcome some good suggestions from your end. We would also wish to see some more good ideas from your end. Being one of the old members, I would guess you have a good idea about the site and what it lacks or needs to have.

    Be forthcoming with your responses.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hi Timmappa and Anwesha, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Being one of the oldest members, I too faced some difficulties in being active. I have an idea. We see lots of members been so active in past days. Choosing some of those efficient members in a list, and give them a wake-up call. A mail can do better placement in our TEC. In a mail, we can just invite them to contribute as like before. By seeing that, they really feel their importance in TEC. Surely this could make some change in our TEC.

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