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    Why all of sudden everyone started sharing GIF’s?

    I need to why all the whatsapp freaks started sharing GIF's in whatsapp instead of videos and images which already exists. Almost every group and individuals started sharing the GIF's. Is that everyone trying for a change in their daily life for chatting? How GIF can bring the changes in Whatsapp? How to create GIF's by yourself own? Can anyone share your views and ideas over here?
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    Well, that could be a trend that has been making inroads into one's chatting habits. However, let me make it clear that I have not observed any such surge in my own WhatsApp contacts or Groups. Not that we do not use GIFs, but there has not been any surge in the frequency.
    Videos in the GIF format will save you data and possibly compresses the size of the file ( I am not sure, maybe those who know the details can put in their views in that regard here) and that could be one of the reasons for the widespread use of GIFs. Moreover, WhatsApp videos and images are generally "Forwarded as Received" kind of thing. So I would guess, that can explain the surge in the usage of GIFs.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Even I have observed the same. What appears to me is, WhatsApp is primarily a platform where people only pass on whatever is going viral. so, if a GIF image is popular, people would automatically start passing it on.
    GIF is Graphic Interchange Format. It is like a small videographic presentation that places small individual images and represent them serially almost like a video.
    Coming to creating a GIF of your own, you can create them in Photoshop or through any other graphic designing software and save a set of related images as GIF.

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