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    Which topics for articles are featured in TEC?

    I was wondering about this issue since a few days, that our site has a list of featured articles. I am not sure whether any of my articles so far have been listed there. But I haven't seen any of them there till now.
    I can guess that the articles that has the maximum potential of fetching organic traffic to the site must be the ones which are listed there.
    But I am not yet clear, which type of articles, or which topic are chosen for the featured list and get highlighted.

    The other question that comes in my mind is that, there are some featured articles which are not given much cash credits, in comparison to the unfeatured ones. In that case, what is the difference of criteria for fetching more cash credits and getting featured?
    I am curious to know because even I want to contribute in attracting more traffic to the site and I think every member would obviously want the same. It would be good for the site, it would be good for everyone to know about it.
    So please enlighten us on this.
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    Most of those articles are sponsored posts from the respective companies and that is why they are featured in the home page.
    Sometimes great articles do get features in the Home page and that will mostly depend on the Editor if he/she finds the article worth to be featured.

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    Thanks Ankit for letting us know that. But I am getting more curious to know, what is the procedure behind all this? In the sense, how does an article gets selected to be sponsored by respective companies? Is there any particular way for this?

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    Companies request TEC to write articles for which they will pay. Pre-written articles don't become sponsored.
    Companies send request to TEC -> TEC Webmasters ask some authors directly if they would write the article -> Article gets written -> Companies take a look at the article for any changes/corrections -> Article is approved and features in Homepage.

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    Oh! That's really awesome. Thanks Ankit for sharing the knowledge. I think that's what Timmappa must be talking about. That's a really great opportunity for any writer.

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    Exactly Anwesha, that is what I was talking about in another thread of mine. The articles I mentioned being listed on the home page of the renowned companies have been a result of this sponsored post feature. And that is why I have been thanking Tony sir for the opportunity given to me.

    I thought Anwesha was aware of this concept of sponsored posts. If you are a blogger yourself, you can get such requests for sponsored posts. I have also been writing a few sponsored posts for my third party clients. The price of the sponsored posts is generally higher than the regular pricing ( in case of my clients).

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks Timmappa, I never knew anything about this till now. I don't even know how this entire thing transpires. It would be of great help, if you share your knowledge and experience on this.

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    Well, the process is quite simple. If you are an established blogger - no need to be an authority site - you will be approached by the companies to review their products. They will generally give you a brief on how the review should be. Once you finish the review, you publish it on your blog and ask for their review on it. Once they are satisfied, they will pay you as per the agreement between you.
    There are some cases of sponsored posts which propose placing your article as a link on their product page/homepage. This is called backlinking as you might be aware. There is no money involved here.

    Live....and Let Live!

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