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    Content Spinning Software: Do they really work?

    I have heard a lot about Content Spinning Software. If what they say are real, it is going to be a real threat to writers like us, for whom writing isn't only our preferred profession but also our passion. But what I fail to understand is that, how can a software know how to generate an idea, which I think is the sole capacity of human mind.
    Well, a software can translate, rewrite or even interpret, but can it generate a new idea which is a creation of human mind? Has artificial intelligence advanced so much ahead? Has anyone of you tried your hands on these software? Did you find them working fine for you?
    Please share your experience.
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    The software cannot generate an idea as is evident to any one of us. But, i doubt even when it interprets the data and recreates it, it will not be completely understandable by humans. There is also a possibility of the content being grammatically incorrect.
    A standard article spinning software should, ideally, be capable of creating up to 10 to 15 articles - each unique in its own right - from a single reference article. It can rearrange the sentences and phrases effectively so that the actual meaning is not disrupted. It may also add additional phrases to improve article structure.
    From my personal perspective, I do not use any content spinner. Maybe huge businesses that need to come up with hundreds of articles per day need it. I believe using a content spinner will degrade your creativity. A writer should always be creative, and that remains to be a special trait for a good author. Opting for something that kills the passion in me is something I will never go for.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    The name of the content spinning software is Spinbot. It has up to 10000 character space with robotic captcha process. The profession writing is differing than the software rewriting. I don't think so that this software will act like a human mind. The thoughts and words from the human mind will be so natural. The profession has efficiency to write his words have its freedom. This software won't be threatened to the writers. Most probably I prefer to write on my own.

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    Spun articles can easily be identified just by reading 2-3 sentences. These software replace words with synonyms and sometimes rearrange partial sentences. When you read such articles you will automatically feel something wrong and it will be hard to make any sense what the sentences mean.

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