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    Snapchat Spectacles are to be released before this year ending. How would it fare?

    After Google Glass faced a tragic failure, Snapchat has dared to bring the same technology with their latest product Snapchat Spectacles somewhere before this year ending. The features they highlight for this product are quite amazing but at the same time, it is going to be quite expensive. Right now there's no news when it would hit enter the Indian market, but already tech savvy Indians are talking about it.
    Previously Google Glass had its trial to woo the market with its wearable technology, but it didn't click much. Now after a long gap, Snapchat is going to try the same.
    Do you think, this time it can reverse the effect and make a good time in the market? From my side, I feel it is definitely a fun feather added to the crown of technology. What do you feel about it? Please share with us.
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    Well, I have heard about them. They work just like your sunglasses and record everything you do. Only thing that goes against them is they work only with SnapChat. Moreover, wearing them over your regular glasses can make you look like a fool kind of a person. If you are not the one who wears spectacles, they can be a good choice for you.
    The best part with them is said to be the lack of need to be connected to a smartphone to work. You will need to connect it only when you want to watch the videos you have recorded.
    They are said to cost around $ 120 to $ 140 a piece, but quite hard to lay your hands on. Maybe we will need to wait a while till the price drops down a little and the spectacles are available everywhere. Nevertheless, a good concept and may egg on other manufacturers to try something like this in association with other social media sites soon.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Really this product looks crazy. It looks like wearable glass but fashionable. If you wear this type of glass and walk around in your street, surely you will be one of the funny characters in your street. This device is release in Nov 10th of this year in California. It almost cost $130. This glass has a camera with it but no display. Once after the Google glass died, this gave some birth for people who are looking for a change. Spectacles was the first product for the company Snap, Inc. They produce this model with affordable price range. This glass has camera inside with video recording and it can pair with your mobile. At present if you think to buy this mobile, only way they given for you is to try in vending machine which is in Los Angeles. It is due to in-availability over the stores.

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