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    WhatsApp video calling - will it be a game changer?

    WhatsApp has launched video calling feature on its app. Seen as a calculated effort to compete with Google Duo and Skype, the feature has been viewed as a huge game changer. A huge chat app in India with over 150 million active users is indeed set to offer a big competition to the likes of FaceTime, Skype or Google Duo.
    But the kind of internet connectivity that we have been observing in India, can we hope to see any big deal in terms of call quality?
    I would wish to check out the views of our fellow techians.
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    I am seeing this feature enabled in my WhatsApp since a few days. However I have not yet tried it out, because there was no such necessity till now. What I feel is, that things would automatically work, if the internet speed is high, and people would try this feature only when it comes to either entertainment purpose or official necessities. In both the cases, I don't think there could be any problem with the internet speed, as tech savvy people would generally make sure, they get the right speed, and in other cases people won't even give it a try.
    The other thing is, I have heard, only WhatsApp worked when normal calls failed, in the flood that took place last year in Chennai. So, it is possible WhatsApp could have managed to strike a sound video calling technology, but unless we are experimenting with it, by reaching some remote place, it is impossible to do a good guess work.

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    It definitely makes a difference, I used to use Skype before Whatsapp voice calling came. However, since the voice calling feature has come my Skype usage has reduced drastically and I am making use of Whatsapp voice calling only.
    I use this feature only when I am connected to my Wifi which ensures good speed of internet from my side at least. Since I stay away from my parents, I do use it a lot more than the normal voice calls through my mobile number.

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    It has been activated on my WhatsApp installation as well. But, as Anwesha stated, i have not been able to.check it in real life situations. Yes, I have tested it by connecting two of my devices to my home WiFi and it was a freat experience as long as tests went. The real life situation is what regular users can comment about - like Ankit.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have updated my WhatsApp Video calling feature in my mobile. It is good in 4G network but bit trouble in 2G and 3G networks. Other than that it looks normal as video call does. If the mobile RAM speed is high, it looks hand free to use this call. Suppose the RAM is low, hanging problem comes when we use a video call.

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    Yes this step by what app will definitely make a big difference and will really prove a beneficial step for the company.
    As many people have apps like IMO on their smartphones for video chat, but with the advent and including of this feature as well in whatsapp people will find it more useful and will not have different apps for this purpose.
    As people always want convenient and easy things to be used in their daily life so they will definitely like this step by whatsapp.

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