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    Wikipedia - Is it a reliable source for information?

    Wikipedia has been one of the most searched site when one needs some specific information on the topic of his or her interest. But, the question remains - is the information so provided reliable?
    As the nature of the site goes, the contents can be edited by any registered member of the site. You do not need to have any experience in the field concerned. That would mean the content on Wikipedia is not authored by the experts in the concerned topic. Does it not make it one of the unreliable source of information. I do not think the changes made by the authors is previewed or edited as can be the case with some authority sites. Being a long time user of the site, I have not seen any kind of moderation in Wikipedia. So, that would be something that substantiates my view about it being unreliable.
    What do you think? Is there any way that the most popular site can be error free as well? Sahre your views here.
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    Even I am very fond of Wikipedia and prefer to go by it, before anything else. What you said is technically hundred percent correct, that as it could be edited by anybody, and isn't formally moderated by any editorial board, it doesn't hold much water of authenticity, but what I have experienced myself is a little bit different.
    First of all, though it says, anybody can edit, it isn't that easy. I tried it out once, and I had to go through a long drawn procedure where I ran out of patience and finally dropped the idea.
    Secondly, I haven't yet found a single grammatical mistake in Wikipedia so far. (I am a regular user of it), but even in quite popular and "so called moderated" sites, there are terrible grammatical mistakes scattered here and there.
    Thirdly, the style of writing in Wikipedia is really uniform. It maintains a neutral stand which is rare in any other site.
    So maintaining all these standards uniformly in each and every page proves that there has to be a strong and well trained team working behind it.
    So far Wikipedia has been helping me like a quack, and so I believe in it, like a quack in the IT Industry.

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    Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. It is editable and anonymous way of editing information's. Most scenarios I have seen many false information has been ruling out in Wiki. It is due to anybody can edit the page of information. But the team behind the Wiki will review the site of information posting. If the information is reliable and true, the page will be accepted. Or else the content will be deleted for secure purpose.
    Even I had an account in Wikipedia, and I had edited some contents in few articles. From there I came to know the functionality of the Wikipedia.

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    Wikipedia is not a reliable source for getting correct information as it is open source and can be edited by any one.
    But for getting a general idea about anything we can prefer Wikipedia but when we want surety of information we need to look out for reliable books ans sources.

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