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    Android devices from Nokia - Will they be worth it?

    We have grown up with the Nokia smartphones. The build quality and hardware performance of Nokia devices (smartphones were unheard of those days) was unmatched to what was offered by the competing mobile manufacturers. Sticking with an obsolete Symbian Operating system initially and then opting for an equally incapable Windows Phone OS made it sell its business to Microsoft. This eventually killed the brand named Nokia.
    Now with the restrictions placed on it by virtue of the deal with Microsoft gone, Nokia can now manufacture smartphones. So, can we expect the brand to flourish like it did in the past? Will waiting for the Nokia smartphones be worth it?
    I, for one, have always been a fan of Nokia devices. I believe almost all our fellow Indians are fond of the brand Nokia. What do my fellow techians feel about the new venture likely to be launched by Nokia? Are you looking forward to the Brand Nokia? What do you expect Nokia to do with the smartphone arena in the coming months?
    Share your views, Let us have a fruitful discussion.
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    Undoubtedly I would look forward for the Nokia brand, returning back to their throne and out shun many others who might be surviving just because Nokia has emptied the place. I have by now used a couple of phones from different brands, but I couldn't get the level of comfort and confidence which Nokia has provided.
    Right from the built of the phones, their user friendly interface and their durability, Nokia knows how to make things perfect and make people feel their products as "indispensable."
    One more thing where I feel why Nokia always stood ahead of others is that, they make their products serve your purpose where you don't need to be over protective about them. Whereas, many other brands compromise this basic concept of technology in lieu to their "showcase" aspect exploiting people's inclination towards the "high brow" attitude.

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    Nokia had to bite the dust - quite literally, because of the wrong choices it made. Wrong OS and partnership with a wrong company made a one time strong player lower in ranks than the ones like Lava and the others. Onida once made fun of Nokia in its TV commercials. I just hope to see it bouncing back to its glory with Android.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I feel Nokia emerging its spot once again in current market. It is bringing android in its device with stylish looking body. It is really better news from Nokia side. In past it fought with wrong place. But it was the right time for them to get back their place. At the end and beginning of 2016/2017 more new models arriving in India. Still Nokia lovers are there. Surely Nokia be competitive in market.
    In Arab countries, some of the market place selling their top mobiles with basic models for booming their product sale. If this is good, Nokia can sell its android models with their own basic models will also biggest advantage for them. Because we all using spare models in hand for personal or official purpose or for any reason. If it is so, Nokia can bring some basic models with android for top sales. This was one of my thought as I was in Retail industry.

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    The rumours have now gone official. Nokia is making a comeback in 2017. They are launching two smartphones - most likely - at MWC 2017. I would definitley want to lay my hands on a Nokia once again.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    @Tammappa, Yes that is true. Nokia going to launch its two Smartphone's at the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017 with best features. Surely, it is going to be viral. Even I have made a question regarding this information in AES.

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