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    Which brand Smartphone do you like and why?

    Hi Members and Friends,

    Which brand Smartphone do you like most and why it is so? What are the main reason for it? Any special feature or special pros / cons or easy to handle etc.

    You can share your feedback or different opinion about it, so that we will come to know some additional thing about the gadget.
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    Since the question is from me and would like to answer the same, as first. In fact, I like Google Nexus and iPhone series but all in all I am using Samsung's Android one. I felt comfortable with this device for my requirement plus it is under my budget too.

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    I have not used many brands so far. It has only been Nokia and Samsung. I must say my experience has been great with Nokia, but now that the OS has gone obsolete , there is not much to discuss about it.
    As for my personal experience, I would prefer an adulterated software experience. Most of the devices have customised software which takes away the feel of the stock Android. From that point of view, I would couch for Moto smartphones. They provide you with a stock Android feel. Even the Nexus and the newly launched Pixel series come in the same genre just like the Android One devices.

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    My first choice would always be Nokia. But Coolpad is also one of my most favorite brands, as it is packing up the best features within an affordable price. The phone looks good, they are easy to handle, has got more than satisfying functionality and above all, the price tag with such combination of features is simply unique.
    My other choice is Xolo which has also a good number of features to admire. The Camera, though with not much higher pixels, but it can do wonders. The overall look, durability, functionality are quite impressive and the Price is also reasonable in comparison with other ones.

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    Well, I should agree with what Anwesha has stated. Nokia has always been my favourite because of its build quality and hardware performance. No device of the present time can match the hardware quality that Nokia offered in the past. Sadly enough, they stayed with a wrong OS - Symbian - which was almost obsolete and that was the major reason for the debacle. Even in the later stages, they went with Microsoft and the Windows OS and thereby dug its own grave. Had it opted for Android, we would still have had Nokia handsets with us.
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    Nokia, yes, it was my first mobile phone a decade ago and no one can forget the brand. However, the trend has changed slowly from normal mobile phone to smartphone or even high-end smartphone.

    @Timmappa, yes, Nokia rocked once and trying to overcome from current competition from various brands by amending itself but still time to go for it. Most of them are comfortable with touch-screen and Android, so, whichever device have these features can go for a competition among.

    Another yes for Timmappa, if Nokia would have gone with Android in the initial days itself then it would have changed the history so far specially to compete with well known brand like Samsung, LG, Lenovo and Sony devices etc. where they have an additional advantages of it.

    @Anwesha, yeah, I too agree with Coolpad, specially Coolpad Note 3 and the latest Coolpad Note5 - both are simple, budgeted and awesome for the user.


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    I have experience with Nokia, LG and Huawei Honor brands. I am not freak of using mobiles, but long use purpose I had these brands. First I come with Nokia 1100 model. It was my best and most lovable model ever I had experienced. With calling and messaging functions it was the best model in Nokia. Even it has black and white display.
    Secondly with same Nokia brand, I brought 2700clasic model. It was my first camera and music model. I feel really what would be people can change from telephone to mobile, basic mobile to camera featuring mobile. I feel excited to have such technology.
    Thirdly, I preferred my buy my first Smartphone. It was LG E405. At that time this model was my craze. First time I have touch functionality model with android operating system. I feel real world of Internet experience with this model. The only drawback I felt in this model is lowest memory space. This model comes with 157MB of RAM and 1GB of Internal memory and expandable with memory card.
    Fourth and present mobile brand is Huawei Honor 5X model. This is really nice experience I have ever got from the Smartphone. It has 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory and 128GB External Memory with HD display. Screen size is 5.5 inches with 5MP front camera and 13MP rear camera. Really using mobiles like this was awesome and experiencing the world in hand.

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    In continuation of my response above to this thread, a new development has made me respond once again. Nokia is making a come back in 2017 with its two new devices. With license under HMD Global, we may be in for some trendy devices from Nokia. I, in fact, eagerly look forward to a smartphone from Nokia. Nokia's reliable hardware and build quality along with the all powerful Android operating system should ideally make it a strong composition. The fact that Google is closely associated with the new Nokia devices ( though there is no official confirmation proving this) can be another good factor to look forward to. If the phone is good and affordable - I would definitely love to have it.
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    I have used many brands during last 15-20 yrs like - Ericson, Nokia, Spice, LG, Lava and Samsung. These all are good brands having their own pros and cons.

    Out of all these I personally like Samsung because of its wide spread popularity and penetration in Indian market facilitating it's repair and availability of spare parts.

    Moreover the performance of Samsung phones is good and android apps and other utilities are well mapped in it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Currently I am using Xiomi handset and I am satisfied with its performance. I have Redmi 4 Prime, 32 GB variants and 4100 mAh battery. The best part about this handset is its battery backup and the features that one can get in high end costly devices but Redmi offers all these features at much lesser cost in comparison to other handsets in the market.
    It has lot of connectivity options including infrared and remote control facility which can be used to control wide range of home appliances like TV, Set Top Box, AC, Fans, DVD Players, Coolers etc.
    In one sentence, I can say I love Mi because of its better features and performance at lesser price.

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    Great to see many replies from the users.

    Nowadays, popular brand and the new brand releases the best smartphones where buyers' get confusion on which one to go except rare less price from the new brand on the similar features against the popular brands.

    Xiaomi brought some of the outstanding smartphones with less profit to them and more benefit to the users. Oppo too released some of the finest device with average price with less-margin. The other brands like Vivo, Coolpad, OnePlus, Samsung, LG, Honor, Lenovo etc. brought some of the finest smartphones with great features and competitive prices among.

    OnePlus 5 smartphone though an expensive one compare to the above stated brand, this device is unique and results are outstanding in everything simply.

    So, in general, some of the brand devices (not all) seems like the expensive one, the better. Thus, I can't compare iPhoneX (iPhone 10) with 10k or 20k budget branded smartphones right now even if iPhone 6 price is 20k at present.


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