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    Are the Rolltop computers a reality by now?

    I came across the concept of Rolltop computers way back one or two years. Recently, I came across some videos that are showing Rolltop computers being on use.
    Asking a few techie friends of mine about it, they all came up unanimously that it is a virtual reality and isn't a reality stuff in the stores yet.
    I checked up in the net, and the results were quite confusing. The Amazon shopping site is showing Rolltop bags but not the computer as of now.
    I am really curious to know what is the real status of this gadget. Friends please share with the latest news that you could gather on this.
    Also let us know, if this gadget does have the potential of replacing desktop computers and laptops as promised in the advertisements.
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    I do not think the concept of rolltop computers has been transformed into reality as yet. I went on searching for different sites - even the authority sites on those specific topics. Sadly enough, there was no proper solutions avaialble. I guess it was just a concept that was initiated in around 2011. It looks like the concept could not not materialise.
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    I have also had same thought about this Roll Top Computers when I first get a Whatsapp video. I was shocked to see that device can roll up as we fold a paper or chart. In curiosity I was searching more about this. Then some of my friends said this was the technology going to be inventing in future. But I couldn't believe that. If any official news comes only can get through in it. Till that we need to wait for this device.

    Also when I search about this device, I get some piece of information about this device. After getting that information, I really thought this device may come across in market. The main concept of this device is to handle the laptop or computer anywhere to use by the user. For that, the device should be flexible. To make more flexible, the developer had an idea about this foldable device option. I got a doubt, how could a device be foldable like a chart and can use it. But when this technology gets out in real world make give promising thoughts about it.

    This device has OLED technology for its display. We can see the multi-screen functionality in this device. The screen size is 13inches. This device can easily be transformable into graphical tablet. It also has 17 inches of flat screen which is acting as a primary monitor attached with the back of the screen.

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