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    Why some of my AE Questions "Check Traffic" feature is showing "No Data Found"?

    Once in a while I just check my traffic of my AE Questions. Every time most of my questions show the result "No Data Found".
    Even if I refresh the page, or try with the different time span given in the feature, it shows the same.
    But these questions would have a couple of answers. So, it is not possible that nobody has visited the questions at all.

    Moreover, the questions where it shows the result, it doesn't react to the different time frames that I choose from the given list of the feature itself. That could be one indication that it might not be working properly.

    So what could be the reason? Is it a technical glitch? Or is it that the page visits don't count the visits of the members who posted answers to the question.

    I am really confused. I request my fellow members to throw some light on this.
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    I believe Traffic on Ask Expert pages is counted that is received through search engines and not through internal traffic.

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    Thanks Ankit. That could be the reason, that didn't cross my mind.

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