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    Taboola Contextual Ads for the Blogs

    I came across the taboola ads recently. These ads are found on most of the news and the entertainment based sites. So before the comment slot those ads are placed in the section. It seems the ads placed are just links to another site. And when the user clicks on it, instead of showing ad, it goes on another informative site.

    This maybe a good option for those who want to make use of the ads in their comment section. Sites that get a lot of activity in the comments section may get some clicks. Though considering the nature of the ads, this may not benefit all the types of blogs and sites. As it may drive some users away from the site.

    Anyone here tried taboola ads on their blogs or website?
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    That was a very useful piece of information. What is the criteria for their approval?
    Is it that as stringent as Google Adsense? Please share some more information on this.

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    Most of the publishers I have noticed on other webmaster forums said they need 500,000 monthly page views. That is a bit high requirement for my blog. Very few blogs and sites these days can get that much page views from search engine alone. If they accept social media traffic in that then I guess it's possible to hit that target.

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    You can get placing your ads right below the articles which you have produces. This will increase the click through rate. If you are using this Taboola ad in your page, try to place these ads away from your Google adsense revenue. It is because you may get good cost per clicks from your Google adsense. By placing this ad may cause your adsense. So somehow it should not cause your adsense revenue. If you have around 20,000 views per day, make use of this ad. This will help lots of benefits.

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    I do not think the member who posted the last response has anything useful to offer in the context of the thread. I request members to avoid posting responses just for the sake of it.
    Live....and Let Live!

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