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    WhatsApp Video Calling Update

    Whatsapp is now going to compete with the Skype. And it has released the video calling feature for the android. And that means now you can do the video calling with the person. There is no information on whether you can do the video calling with group. I am guessing if that feature comes out, then it'd put facetime, google duo and skype into competition. It seems feature like that with a bit of high speed internet would be good for the group calling.

    The feature is not available for all the users. So it seems they are rolling out the feature very slowly. There is also no information on how many people can make use of this feature as of now. but it seems the upgrade is randomly rolled out based on android API level of the users phone.

    Here any techulator users have tried the new update for the Whatsapp?
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    The video calling feature has been launched as part of beta program. So, the feature may be available for now for a select set of users. Being a beta version, the video calling will not be free from bugs as I can see. Once it is launched as part of the regular update, we may be able to share our experiences.

    By the way, with the lack of 3G connectivity in every part of the nation ( leave alone 4G), how can it be beneficial in any way for the general users? Maybe those living in the metros and bigger cities can have a better video calling experience. What about the other users?

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    Yes The video calling was in beta since last year. And it was earlier working only with Wifi connection. And now this feature seems to be allowing the call over 3G and 4G. I have yet to see video calling working in Pune despite being a metro city with decent 3G coverage. I think telecom operators are not being honest with the bandwidth and spectrum usage.

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    I have tried video calling with the services like Facebook messenger and many such services over time. Even with the so called 3G coverage, I could not experience the kind of video calling I had expected. Indian telecom operators are good to make huge promises in the TV commercials, but when it comes to delivering the actual service, they just fall flat. Maybe the service is good in metros and bigger cities, but not all cities are so fortunate. Unless you have a good WiFi coverage. the service does not seem to be doing anything good for the consumer point of view.
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    Whatsapp video calling feature is available right now for all the users who have upgraded their version. It really looks comfortable and competitive for Skype. You need not to worry about paying cash for it. You just need to spend your data balance alone for using this feature. At present you can make a video call at one person at a time. Whatsapp team have not allowed for group video chat feature. When compared to other video calling apps, Whatsapp still lacking in this group calling option. When you have high speed data like 4G and Wi-Fi would be more preferable for good access of video chat. In other cases you would be feeling lack of actions due to networks.
    All the users are benefited from this feature in their app. One app can give the best features like texting, sharing emoji's, pictures, videos, voice call and video call. This is the betterment of the development. You can make use of this feature. If you need a good video chat, then you need a high speed data for it.

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