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    The New News Section in Techulator

    There is now a new section in Techulator namely, the "News". I have just gone through that section and found a good collection of interesting articles based on the recent technological moves.

    As day in and day out new ventures of technology are being launched, it feels really good to find them listed in our own site as we won't have to depend on other sites to know about them.

    Though I have yet not gone through all of them, I have found that the writer of those articles are displayed as the staff of Techulator.
    I am just curious to know whether there is any scope for other members to submit articles in that section. If yes, then what should be the procedure as we only submit articles through "Article Section" and this "News" section is not a part of it. But on the other hand there is a category in the article section as "news", which indicates that members are allowed to post "technology news article".
    It would be nice if members share their knowledge on this.
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    I just noticed that after you pointed out. I was not aware of it before. Looks like a good move to me. Tech news are short term content but it does have some traffic of it's own. It'd be interesting SEO data to observe for Tony sir and webmaster. This means good news for the adsense views too as it fetches organic traffic. As Google news if indexes that section then it can bring a lot of traffic for the techulator. Which means even other articles benefit from that traffic too. I wonder if the news section has any specific authors working on the content. And if yes, what would be the criteria to contribute.

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    The section has been introduced long ago. I had noticed it when it was launched initially. In fact, I make it a point togo through the contents of the section whenever I log in to my Techulator account. However, the section is not open for member participation. The section is being handled by the select lot of staff from Spider Network.

    By the way, I cannot fathom the reason for the new section being unknown so far to some of our regular members. Does that mean our members are viewing the site just as the authors, and not as regular visitors? I am of the firm opinion that unless we see ourselves in the shoes of the visitors to the site, we cannot be perfect authors in any way.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    As that was directed at me so let me answer it. I login to this site for contribution and don't land on it through search engine searches. The news section of the site for logged in users may not give the same experience that to of search engine visitors. Does that make me imperfect writer? Sure. Honestly, I don't care. And neither should anyone. Perfection is futile attempt of being hard on yourself and others. Rules and perfection are two different things in life. I can only spread my writing as much as I can and not on the basis what other thinks as a definition of perfect author or writer. I prefer "getting things done" over perfection. Hence that's my reason for not knowing the section changes.

    Just to be clear I don't know many things on techulator despite being here for over a year. I don't know who moderates which section. Which editor allocates what points and passes what sort of content. I learned about affiliate links last year from Vandana. Prior to that I was unaware of many changes. I guess that explain my side of not knowing things here at techulator.

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    No comments on the site are made as result of any personal grudge here. It was only a view expressed, and there is no need to bring up personal issues or hard feelings up.
    Most of the members of this site and ISC do not view the site just as something to earn. I still remember the days when the site was full of active members who kept contributing across all sections. We treated the site as our grooming ground and an own community. And we still treat it that way. That was what prompted me make those comments. A regular member ( the reference was not about a particular member for that matter) having no knowledge of what happens on the site is something I do not fathom.
    I have been a regular member of a few community forums and participate in the discussion regularly. I do notice even the smallest change in those forums and make it a point to raise a toast for the same. It should be noted that these forums carry no monetary benefits of any nature. It is just a hobby kind of thing that I keep myself active on them- so that I can keep sharing my knowledge and gain the knowledge from others.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Nowhere I said it was personal grudge or any personal issues. I only made that comment as it came out as indirect snide remark. Am I missing something here? If it was anything other than what I perceived it to be, then I apologize. Otherwise if it's what I thought it was, then my point stays. I am member of around 15 forums, including quora and few other sites.
    Keeping track of even minute change in any random forum or site doesn't add up to my routine.

    I do try to be helpful and positive. I don't make any personal or snide remarks as that doesn't increase the numbers in my bank account. That's just not professional enough for me. I can abide by the rules of editors and stick with quality for the site. But indirect personal remarks and selective remarks which I choose to stay away from. That's my 2 cents on this point. And moving out from this discussion.

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    I think the topic is getting unnecessarily diverted and our members are getting tangled in irrelevant ego clashes.
    The purpose of this thread was to highlight the News section of this site, where we can get useful information and a good feed for our topics.
    As per my knowledge, Techulator is an open site for all. Members here get involved as per their own interest and time. There's no hard and fast rule for any of us here for our level of involvement.
    That's why we are "freelancers".

    Anyway the purpose this thread is somewhat solved. So I request the webmasters to lock this thread.

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