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    Debit Cards Blocked in India

    So I found this news very interesting so decided to share if other techulator members came across this issue. It seems some ATMs from SBI are under some sort of glitch. And the people using those debit cards are having phishing issue. And for the same reason the transaction through debit card in such ATM is considered unsafe for transaction as many other banks debit cards have affected too.

    The current released news also talks about security breach in the Yes banks provider. If you don't get the concerned mail or SMS then there is no issue. But if you do get email of compromised account then change the PIN from bank and not from any ATM.

    ICICI and other banks have issued their own press release on the matter. I have debit card from the IDBI, ICICI and Kotak. So I am just worried though such phishing issue may not affect the other banks debit card.

    Anyone have personal experience on this matter?
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    Yeah, there was / is news all about this topic. Some says around 30 lakhs Debit cards being hacked and some says different news. Whatsoever, I have two different Bank Debit cards but so far no issue as per recent visits and checking them out.

    I neither received any email nor SMS on this matter.

    I hope authority will solve the issue soon for the affected customers.


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    Well, I do have a couple of cards from across four banks and a credit card. One of my banks sent me a message but it was a generalised message to ask me not to part with any information with respect to my card.
    The issue has not only about the SBI as the author of this thread is attempting to point out. But being the largest banking service provider, State bank of India definitely has huge number of customer base and naturally has large number of card holders. They have decided block around six lakhs cards and reissue the new cards to the concerned customers.
    Seems the issue has affected certain areas of the nation. The issue does not seem to be of complete national level.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Nowhere in the thread I said, this is only SBI specific issue. As I pointed out the Yes bank having the issue too. Also I didn't said this is nation wide issue either. I don't know why it is being implied things which I didn't even mean at first place. Moving on from that part. News does say the situation is under control.

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