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    Are the gadget reviews really worth it?

    We have seen a lot of reviews on websites about the gadgets. The specifications alone seem to make a big hoopla on these reviews and the review sites. Does the spec sheet alone make a phone, or a gadget a great performer?
    I strongly doubt it. I do not believe specifications alone will make your smartphone any great than the competing devices. What matters is how do you make those specs work. Having better specifications will only prove that the device is good on paper, you cannot ensure that it will be successful in the real world. You need to have a better degree of optimisation of the hardware to suit the software requirements.
    What are your views on this issue? Isn't it the need of the hour to understand the real importance of the proper amalgamation of the software-hardware combination than going blindly over the hardware upgradations?
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    I had attended couple of gadget events, the company used to give a device to selected 'reviewers' including this site webmaster (Tony John) if he attended the event. They don't give it to all but few selected to review the product. The company will give the device immediately or send it by courier to address. They also give 3 weeks to 3 months time to complete the review. They do follow up with reviewer's as well.

    The first article of xyz gadget will be normal detail of the device including specification, feature, price and launch or release date etc. Those detail published doesn't mean completed the review of the product. Hands on review is entirely different than the first post published with the gadget specification, feature, price and launch or release date etc. to reach the audience and grab the visitors' attention.

    It takes around 3 to 5 days to experiment the device in a different perspective and publish the gadget review online as second or third post. Sometime, it takes more than a week to review the product as well. Some gadget review needed either more than 2000 words in a single post or 2 to 5 different posts with different points for the same gadget review. In that, many review points would have covered than just specs, feature, price and launch or release date etc. I mean, the review article (later one) will have various points pertaining to hands-on honest review. Those review might have covered entire or little pros and cons of the gadget, unboxing detail, inside box's peripherals detail, quality of the each pieces, different result from different function and angle, various feature testing within and its steps, comparing similar products and its points, images, videos and on.

    There are many tests and points to cover to furnish the complete review result of the gadget. Some reviewer's review the product just 25%, some 50%, some 75% and very few 100%. It is all depend on the expertise reviewers. The best or better review done by the reviewer's, the best chances to get reviewer's reputation and attention from the respective companies and mass.

    Finally, yes, the gadget review is worth, many used to search online for 'review of the product'.


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    Problem is that unlike the American and Chinese market, the consumers are not matured enough on understanding the spec sheet. So for example people assume that having 12MP camera with 1GB or 2GB RAM with some brand name Sony means a good product. Whereas the unknown company with 8MP camera and 3GB RAM at half the price is bad product. Often that is not the case. The device often go through benchmark system for the image quality, processor and RAM performance. And based on that it decides the good product or not.

    Most of the review sites do use such benchmark to test the device and give the verdict. But if the review sites are only saying "mobile has "X" glass "Y camera lens" means it is good. Then those sort of reviews don't have much merit in their content. But those reviews are often paid less as they lack benchmark tests. So sites like arstechnica, ZDNet, Cnet often have better set of reviews.

    YouTube's vloggers and the gadget reviewers often do good reviews if they get the product earlier. But based on what I have seen, all sort of reviewers are needed in this space. Be it reviewers who review the product based on budget constraints. Some who do the review based on technical aspect etc. So I think it is definitely worth it.

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    That is one of the common point, the majority of the end user depend on brand, years of services to the people in the market and their reliable / reputation for purchasing any gadget with confidence. This is not because of low specs in high price but they may get replacement gadget if there is an issue in recently purchased device or at least some service or compensate would be there, finally. Yes, few cases doesn't happen so with the top branded as well then it doesn't mean the brand and their reputation is flaw, few cases customer too complain the product which actually nothing as expected from the customer or they get their device repaired at later stage after deep investigation.

    The new brand on the market has to catch the mass and establish the foundation of the business for a long, so obviously they will give their product with lower price for higher configuration devices to chase the big players in the market. In this process, though the new brand gets lower benefit, the end user gets the better advantage which they trust for. However, the mass used to think many times about the new brand product to buy is, not because of the cheap with high specs but reliability and customer service in case product issue arises where many new brand lacks on it - initially, or they tied up with other service center for it at later stage where customer has to suffer time being.

    Investing around 80% money for the similar or little higher-end product of the new brand compare to top brand is not a better option for many on some cases till the new brand establishing their finest customer service, solving the end user's product issue if any, money worth thought and trust for a long haul. (You might have seen few new Smartphone companies chased well in the beginning for one or two years and their name is vanished right now, nor they are in the last row to compete the new brands (who came after them) for the same product).

    The next one is, different thoughts on purchasing. Yes, I may prefer TVS Apache for a different reason like pickup and style etc. though it is little expensive and less mileage compare to others segment vehicles. But other might prefer Bajaj Platina though it is little less price and gives better mileage, compare to Apache. It applies to even BMW car vs Maruti car prices and choices. They all are depend on individual choice and preference. There is no smart thought on this.

    Yes, regarding review, only selected few sites (even Google select the best review sites based on the mass visitors search and visits) gives the best and honest review which many visits to learn and gain the confidence from it. The same goes to YouTube reviews as well.


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    I can share my own experience regarding the gadget reviews. Before every gadget purchase we generally check the reviews on them and then we go ahead.
    But once even after getting all the negative remarks on the latest Induction Cook top model, we made a purchase ignoring the information given in the reviews.
    As a result we had a terrible experience with the appliance and finally had to return it. Ironically enough, even this was written in the review, that finally what you can do with this model, is initiating a return process.
    But I must say in such cases, user reviews carry more weight age than article reviews.
    Even then reviews are the only way to save your money before going for a wrong purchase.
    And finally if they are not worth it, what we all are doing here in Techulator?

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    My issue with the reviews was that most of the gadget reviews praise the products, never trying to pinpoint the problems associated with them. That is more pronounced issue with the article reviews - or sponsored reviews.
    Yes, user reviews tend to be more realistic. We should depend more on user reviews than on the article reviews while making a purchase decision.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Yes, there are reviewers who writes only honest reviews of the product including various pros and cons (without just praising the product) and they don't care the company's comment if any that sent them products to review.

    Yes, sometime we can accept the feedback / review / comment for any products from "Certified Buyer" only and not from all the users that randomly add comments online / offline.


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