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    Samsung Pays 100$ for Note 7 Recall Customers

    Samsung has a biggest failure this year with the Note 7 recall and the loss that occurred. On top of that some countries are asking Samsung to make sure that customer get the compensation. So that is one more thing that goes against the Samsung. US govt and FTC has ordered Samsung for such compensation. Also the airlines are asked to put the phone in the No fly zone list.

    It seems the 100$ payment is to be made if the customer wants to return the phone and want to buy another model of the Samsung. So if they ask for the Samsung phone they get 100$. And if they want different brand then they get 25$. So that sounds like a good deal.

    What do you think is it that bad with Samsung phones and it's batteries lately?
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    So, that would mean Samsung has finally decided to compensate the users who bought the Note 7. This gesture can also be seen as a means of getting the reliability factor back. Samsung would definitely want to repair the dent that the Note 7 fiasco has created on the brand recognition.

    Moreover, as we can see Samsung just wants to retain its loyal customer base, or in a way wants to improve the customercentric approach. That can be the reason for offering higher payout for those who opt for a Samsung device in exchange.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    It seems like Samsung is complying with the policies in US and UK. As they have policy where the user get back the compensation amount if the manufacturing has the defect. Though india has no such protection option for the consumers. It does look like samsung is doing this to win the market here.

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