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    How Can Technology Help in Making a Green City?

    Hi Techians,
    We all know that a Green City is no more an option, but a necessity now. We have seen technology helping out most of the social problems so far. So, it is no other place that we can look for a hopeful nod, other than technology to help in creating a Green City too, I guess.
    There has been a lot of efforts taken by the environmentalists for maintaining the planet green, but menacing operations like tree felling and the greed of compromising the environment to real estate has now crossed all the limits.
    Can you suggest ways, how technology can intervene and stop this self-destructive habit and take some positive measures against it?
    You can also share the latest news on Green Projects that you have come across or anything that you feel that would be relevant to this issue.
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    This is more of social problem than technical.

    Honestly speaking making apartments on every square inch out there is not going to make any city green with one garden added in between the apartment. That won't sustain the requirement of the greenery that can adjust with oxygen requirement of this nation. So the real estate market needs to be controlled. As they are going after the hill station and also nearby small villages. They are pretty much being parasite on the green region of this planet. Even if there is no need for the residential plots, even then they are making it fake need and mining the place.

    This is how pune lost its green region. And now the real estate is moving towards nearby villages and the cities. The same can be said about bangalore and nearby regions.

    Technology can't create lost species which are at the brink of extinction. It can't even create the various plants and herbs that are dying out due to environment issues.

    How to stop this? Only population control can limit this. Technology can't create nature. Because if creating nature were to be possible, we could have seen the nature being terraformed on mars too. We are 20 years away from that to happen. So in between we have no other choice than to force the population limit to stop ruining the planet.

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    But retaining what we still have is possible. And technology is only a tool for human society. As medical science, agricultural science and environmental science stood by social problems, they can do the same for this too.
    It's only the willpower, the mindset that needs to create the pressure of making a green city. And technology can help in the process by materializing the will to make it a win.
    Don't you agree?

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    I do not think technology can lend any helping hand unless the mindset changes. The impetus on profitability has been causing havoc with nature. You cannot expect technology to work wonders and you can go on killing everything that is green.

    Technology can only help you if you are ready to make amends to the mistakes that have been committed in the past. Instead of that, what we have been seeing is more damage to the nature.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Interesting. Technology is one of the reason for non-Green city and polluted atmosphere though technology is need of the hour. Now, technology has to work back to get the Green city across which is not an easy task but challenges as well.

    Why? One can't replace the earlier natural one from the latest artificial one easily with the help of any source including technology innovation or gadget etc. For example, the green and natural source field changed to tallest building, official premises, residential and commercial complexes, now, who can replace them easily and practically? This scenario not only in cities but town and few villages across.

    Is it possible to stop expanding cities? Will authority take care of it? Even if it is stopped, how will get back the natural places (Green city) where already extended and developed and destroyed the greenery? There are many question raises on this. It is too late to plan on this, however, one can plan for current and future development for such infrastructure.


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    We all know that the damage is done. But it was not technology which has done the massacre, it is the twisted preferences of the human society which puts illogical greed in front of the simple logic of survival. Technology is only a tool which you can make use for whatever you would be doing. It is only a way of reducing manual tasks into automated ones.

    So, if technology has helped in destroying the paradise, it would be the only one, which can help in retrieving it back. How?

    1. Technology has already done a good job in tracking, identifying and record keeping. So technology can help tracking the number of tree felling in an area, it can keep record of the pollution level of a particular place and can create alert and help in identifying the culprits.

    2. It can invent methodology of making constructions without interfering with the natural resources.

    3. Agricultural science and technology have joined hands where big trees can be transplanted to another place. So even if a particular place needs to be vacated, the trees of that place could be saved through transplantation.

    4. Social media is also a part of modern technology, and through this we can create wonders by spreading awareness among people on this issue.

    5. Solar and other renewable energies can save the planet from further damage and that can be incorporated with the construction industry. That will help in reducing the network of wiring in the city, because of which a huge amount of trees are sacrificed.

    6. Lastly, in this thread itself, though we all have expressed our different opinions, we all share a common attitude towards the current situation. And it is evident that many more will be out there who share the same view about this menacing real estate, as we do. So can't we join hands and outnumber these self-destructive people and stop them doing further damage to the world?

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    Rather than the technology, it is the human greed that has destroyed the greenery. Sadly enough, they took the help from technology and we now stand a chance to blame the technology for the loss the the green cities. There are many ways with which greenery can be restored.

    Roof gardens can be a good example. One should not forget that it was technology that made this possibility a reality. Opting for bio fuels has been a resourceful idea that came from the technology. Only thing is we have got used to certain style of life and doing things. Unless that changes, you can not expect technology to work wonders for the restoration of the greenery.
    Let there be enthusiasm and real interest to restore the greener cities. Technology can always lend a helping hand.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Technology can help in some of the things but the issue is that has affected the nature. And nature is something that technology can't recreate. For example, we can purify the air to some extent but can't make the air that helps nature. Because nature has it's own way to manage the air density and help the biodiversity.

    Technology can't be helpful to make the rain either. That is why the country often suffers from either drought or the flood randomly. And this can't be controlled in any way. It all takes time for technology to evolve. And we have to focus on the things that could help nature rather than destroy the nature.

    I think technology can't answer the problems created at much rapid rate. This means the problem symptoms need to be taken care of at first place. Because if we destroy the nature and then focus on technology to fix the problem then we;d be in utopian society that we used to watch in movies few decades back. Technology should be answer to problems and should not be problem itself.

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    Human can be greed only for some cases which destroy the nature, obviously, and can't be avoided easily or immediately. For example, even though technology and computers or advanced gadgets like (Tablet PC, Smartphone etc.) are there for content or text but still human needs 'Paper' which destroys the nature directly or indirectly on its process (cut the tree source to make a paper). Do you think, it can be stopped immediately by 'Go Green initiative'?

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    That is exactly we need to take care of. When we have such a huge number of gadgets, why do we turn back to the old style of taking notes?
    Same goes for Banking. I do not clearly understand the need for using paper in the banking transactions. I make it a point not to choose an option to get a receipt at an ATM when I make a withdrawal. I never use checks to make payments anywhere. I make it a point to make all payments through electronic transfer. I have also set all my bills to the email mode.
    That is exactly how we can use technology for the benefit of the nature. Instead of blaming others, we can ourselves begin with something, right?

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Do you think Government will accept it and process the various stamp and registered paper through just e-document (e-paper / e-register) without required actual physical stamp paper? If so, when they will initiate this one, I mean just e-document without real paper? I know that they are doing it both (e-document and physical stamp paper since few years).

    In case if Bank stopped the paper work then there will be many issues including hacking and on. The latest development of e-registration, e-check, e-deposit or withdrawal and on though help but Bank needed paper for physical proof including from the beginning registration of Pass book to using for a long and closing or settling the account. One of the safest process is paper too as proof.

    The next one is, like we receive pack and parcel from online shopping sites, items within 'corrugated box' which produced from natural wooden pulp and paper process? Do you think they will stop corrugated box manufacturing? When?

    In case if they stop one product or two then the other few new products will release which also again related to nature's help and destroying the nature, slowly.

    There are many questions as such pertaining to nature and destroying it by using its source.


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    With the responses here what I am feeling is, we are losing hope too soon. We are writers and we have the power of words, logic, understanding and freedom of thought and expression. If we lose hope who else will raise it?
    Moreover, in a vibrant site like Techulator, it is expected that we do something to synchronize technology with everyday issues as well as social ones.
    We are tech savvy people who are almost 24 hrs in touch with information technology. There are many initiatives running across the globe to correct the mess that have been done through ages. I expected that we would pull all these pieces of information here and create an awareness that "Going Green IS Possible even Now".
    Would you like to join?

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    Not to lose hope. I understand everyone's concern including myself against the nature's incident, we can only concern and write the reality that is happening around and it doesn't mean I am against the nature or its process.

    I just put forward few points those in fact destroying the nature from some process directly or indirectly, may be there will be more as such that I am unable to recall at the moment.

    Yeah, we can bring forth some more points likewise as an awareness which can be of helpful to overcome from such an issue to move toward Go Green initiative.


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    Friends, I have jotted down some hopeful ways technology has been working towards the Go Green initiative through an article. Please post your comment there, whatever you feel about it.

    5 Ways Technology Can Help You Go Green

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    The article you have written is more important to know by everyone. The transportation of tree is really good innovative idea in technology. In past, we won't have this kind of method to shift one tree to another place. Instead we cut the trees. This cause the age of tree gets down and new born plant will starts growing. The cloud seeding is more useful idea. It helps artificially making rain in particular area. Naturally it is not possible, but artificially it could be. The eco friendly construction technology popularly knows as Go Green. This makes eco system more useful in humanity. Building houses in trees is well known idea. We usually cut trees to build house. Instead use tree as house for friendly nature. Each and every idea really makes technology a good come back for human needs.

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