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    Will Gaming industry get any boost with VR?

    Virtual reality has been the in thing these days. There are many manufacturers coming up with their own VR headset. Claiming to make the meeting point of the the real and virtual world, Virtual Reality technology is set revolutionize the people's being.

    Now, what do you think will be the impact of this on the gaming industry worldwide? I would guess that there would be more realistic gaming on offer. With the faster interface required for the VR technology, we may see improved menu structure in the games. Unneeded menu structures will definitely go obsolete. Moreover, there would be better multiplayer functionality with the VR.

    What are your views on this trend and possibility? What changes would you expect on account of the Virtual reality boom? Share your views here.
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    There are some of the VR games coming out. The issue I have noticed with them is that they lack the proper clarity of the game. I mean in terms of 3D Content and the quality of the image I'd say is very low. And you can easily see that while playing those games. However some games which are very small in resolution and work with both 2D and 3D content at the same time can be good.

    For example Unity engine has that option of releasing the game in both format. And android play store has such games there. Which with VR works well for 3D content and without VR in 2D it also works. So in case of gaming industry, I have found that it works really good to have those two option until the 3D gets matured in the process.

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    Though I haven't played a game with a VR set yet, I have watched movies, and it envelops you into it, and make you forget about the surroundings. So while playing if it does the same,, then the possibility of enjoying the game should be more than before and as a consequence, it should have a positive impact on the computer gaming industry. But as Mahesh said that the quality don't match, in that not everybody will recommend one for others.
    But there's a fallacy to look at. People who have not yet gone for a VR set and who have not experienced it through family and friends would most probably like to give it a try, and then there is this show off factor working prominently behind the gadget market, which would again give it a good push.
    And once people get the hang of it, the quality part will automatically take care of. But if people see others rejecting it, it might get a slope down in the market like Google Glass.

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    It's hard to say that it'll slow down. The reason being virtual reality is future. It may soon even add emotional response related sensors. Which in turn may help people work on machine beyond gaming. But that's 10 year ahead in future. For now VR inside the apps may be the next move. Gaming may take some time to adjust into the market. If graphics get improved then you can expect some good changes. For example, VR used for kids can help for classroom study too. I assume that gaming industry has lot to offer with the VR.

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