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    Regarding the Mobile Site of Techulator

    Friends I am facing some trouble accessing the mobile site of Tecchulator.
    Last few days whenever I am going to the Techulator site through my mobile, I could not find the usual Menu Bar which was earlier visible. I am not talking about the member's menu, that is working perfectly like always.
    For example, from the landing page of Techulator, there is no direct link to go to the Forum section, Product Reviews, Giveaways etc. which we get to see in the direct website. In the mobile version, whenever I want to go to the Forum, or to the Article section, I had to go through one of the links that are provided within the three categories in the first page, namely the Announcement, Recent Articles and Forum Discussion. There is no way I can access the Product Review section at all, as there is no link provided in the three category lists, displayed in the landing page of our site.
    It is all a round about way to go to the particular page I want to work upon. Even from there I am not able to go to any other page, for example, "start a thread" in the Forum section. There is also no way to go to the Ask Expert Section directly from the First Page. Last few days I had to access every section from some other link, belonging to that particular category.
    I am just curious to know, if the problem is persistent with everyone, or if I am the only one facing this issue because of some technical fault of my mobile settings.
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    From chrome mobile version, I can't access the earlier members menu. In fact the entire menu is missing for me. I don't know what I need to do to access the replies and the answers. It is just that the entire content is only accessible for me from the front page. And that is very limited content to access. So there is no point in getting hold of the content.

    Another problem I am facing is that by some ways you do manage to go from article to login page. And then loggged in. Then you can't still access a lot of things. Also the forum posting and the ask expert answers section is harder to answer in the chrome mobile view. I am not sure if this is just me. But the mobile view seems to be very limited in terms of features for me. Atleast that is my impression so far based on the current limits I have faced.

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    Well, the mobile view is much limited in terms of functionality. You will not be able to use it the way you have been expecting it to. In fact, there is no full fledged mobile view for the site. You can face the similar problem with many other sites as well. The problem is not only limited to Techulator.
    You can try the the option on Moblie Chrome to " Request Desktop view". I am not sure it will work the way it does on the desktop. I have not used it. In fact, I do not use the mobile browsers to access Techulator these days.
    I would advise you to check out UC Browser. It offers you the desktop view on the mobile screen itself. You may need to change the UI required to Desktop.

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    But Timmappa, I remember pretty well that the Menu Bar was very much there in the mobile site of Techulator earlier , as I have been using it while traveling last time. There I saw every other feature working perfectly except the Editing links. So when I raised a question regarding that in this Forum, Tony Sir said, that to eradicate the chances of errors in editing, that link has been purposefully ommitted. But it is in the last few weeks that I have observed, the main menu is not appearing at all. Hope our Webmasters would update us about the change.

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    Maybe we need to bring this up for internal discussion. Let me point this out to the team and hopefully, get a response from the team.
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    I can attach the screenshot but the guidelines don't allow posting the screenshot in forum and ask expert section. I can show you that the mobile site lacks the top dropdown bar that has the option for navigation. And there are no links visible either. So I am guessing these are some cosmetic changes being done behind the site for responsive layout. Earlier the navigation bar was visible. But now the navigation bar is not visible. And this needs to be fixed if we are to be given access in that view. So yes we have to notify this to the Tony sir.

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    Please bear with us as the issue has already been reported to the team . Saying the same things repeatedly would not make it any better. I would request you to kindly wait till a resolution, or an explanation comes up from the team. Until that time, we would request you and other members kindly avoid commenting about the same thing repeatedly.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I request the webmasters to close this thread.

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