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    Want to learn Adsense in step by step manner

    Hello Friends,

    I have started a blog "". And I have also applied for Adsense but the thing is I am really not able to understand this feature of Google. I have read about on google but I am lacking in learning the things in correct steps. As per you, what should the steps which I need to learn on the topic "√ĄdSense". I am really thankful to you if you please guide me so that I can learn thing in the right way.

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    You have already applied for the account. I suggest waiting till you get approval request from them. Because it takes time for the adsense account to be approved.

    As per the new rules of adsense. The applicant needs to have domain name and website active for more than 6 months before applying to adsense. Also do note that they require decent amount of content like say 10 articles. So it takes time for the adsense to get approval and setup. You may have to wait till that period.

    Another option is to apply through revenue sharing websites. For example ISC allows application for the hosted adsense account. Youtube can be used for the adsense account as well. However do note that you need some specific content before applying for the adsense job. For example ISC needs 10 articles and other criteria to be fulfilled before it gets accepted.

    When it comes to adsense you have to write on niche or topics that can get you paid. So informative content, or the content that gets traffic from search engine or social media earns you more. Learn how to do keyword research. And then you can write content based on that. Based on traffic and the users your earnings will be reflected.

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    Its already sanctioned but the terms and how to make the ad units bit difficult for me to understand.

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    You can create new ad units by going to "My ads". And here you have to create the Ad slot using New ad unit option. Choose the ad size. Ad style with colors and font. Also use the channel to track the ad performance on dashboard. Channel here means your blog name or URL. Save these settings and you get an HTML code. This code then can be used to add into your blogger blog. And based on your bloggger blogs traffic performance you can see the revenue in your adsense dashboard.

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    If you have already got an approved AdSense account, then you just need to add the ad units on your blog. Google provides an easy to understand guide on how to place the ad units on your blog.
    Since you are on Blogger platform, you can follow these steps -

    1. Go to layout option under settings on your blogger dashboard. Add the gadget labelled Google AdSense. You can drag it to the position you would wish to.

    2. Sign in to your AdSense account on Google AdSense webpage. Go to My Ads, then Ad Units. Now click on New Ad Unit button. Choose your preferences and color schemes. Once done click on and then get the code. You can now paste this code on your blog using the dashboard as a gadget, or paste it directly into the template. If you plan to use it inside the template, you may have to convert it.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Hi Bhawna, Congratulations for getting an approved Google AdSense Account for your blog. I went through your site and it is really awesome. I just wanted to thank you to raise this Forum thread, as because of you even I could learn the ABC of AdSense, which is still a mystery to me.

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    Hello Bhawna.
    I had gone through your blog-spot webpage and it was properly manage and arrangement of layout in your blog are great, I am not expert for making the blog, I am also looking to create blog. Unique feature and content is always approved by Google AdSense Policy. Congratulation for approved Google Adsense Account. Keep Updating the post at regular basis in order to gain more traffic to your webpage. Best of luck in future and earn as much as you can as sky is the limit

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