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    No headphone jack in iPhone 7

    As we all know Apple has recently released their new iPhone 7 which comes without a headphone jack. Probably this is the first phone which took a daring step to completely remove the earphone jack. However, this has got mixed reaction worldwide. Some people were sheerly disappointed because of this move. A Youtuber however targeting such people have convinced them to make a drill in their phone of 3.5mm. I just don't believe how foolish people can be. Do you have anything to say for such stupid act?
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    I have seen that video. And I found that this is nothing but another method of getting attention from the YouTube users. It has not much proved it's point that why there is no use of the headphone jack. What they are trying to show is that what the apple marketing team is making for the removal of the headphone jack.

    They have made this sort of changes with the other Apple models too. For example the power plug and the USB ports were replaced in the apple's AIR. The single port makes a lot of difference with the consumers considering they need USB hub to be used for multiple connections. And for that reason there is a lot of criticism.

    Problem with apple is that they think in order to achieve minimalism and so-called style, options need to be removed. But in reality, everyday life requires more options. Not having USB port in laptop, not having headphone jack in iphone. They are just cutting the options of people. And the other companies are forced to innovate to filll in the gap.

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    The video you mentioned is nothing more than a publicity gimmick,. The attention seeking behaviour can go to any extent. Monopoly seems to be the major idea that Apple has in its mind with this change. Another avenue for accessory market. Maybe we will need to wait and see how it develops
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Such type of hype creating videos are everywhere now. Till now whatever reviews I have been going through regarding this latest iPhone 7 is going more towards negativity than being positive. If they have removed the headphone jack, then how are they replacing those features? Have they announced any replacement accessory for it yet?
    Regarding this video, I think the person has simply expressed his anger on this aspect and found an innovative way of expressing it.

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