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    Kindle or Regular Tablet

    Now that there is going to be a festival season. I see a lot of people are buying kindle to gift someone. But the issue is that the black and white version is absolutely waste of money. Though they are advertising it as a good product to read at night and has better battery. But in reality it looks really not worth money.

    And if you see other expensive kindle fire models. It seems like those models are not that much good like other tablets. So the issue here is whether one should buy regular tablet or these kindles? I for one didn't find any serious performance improvement from kindle to be competing with the other tablet.

    What do you think makes a better purchase during festival season, kindle or regular tablet?
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    If you are seeing it from the utility perspective, I would totally agree with you about buying a tablet.
    But during festive season people do indulge in more of luxury items than that of utility. People also gift their near and dear ones during this time and Kindle could appear to be a good gift idea for many people. As generally people will not think of buying a Kindle, it would click more as a status symbol for many who love to show that they have a good reading habit. The purpose of such show off is served better with Kindle because you carry and show only the device, and people don't ask you what you have actually read.

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    From the utility point of view, a Kindle would indeed be a wastage as anyone with a little technical know how will understand. I do not see any practical usage of the device except being a mere status symbol.
    My preference would definitely go for a tablet as it would be a multi utility gadget. You can use it for a lot of activities and tasks - that of a Kindle included.

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    Indeed Kindle and Apple seems to be more of status symbol. And the kindle Fire being more expensive than regular tablet. They seems to be not adding the value. And for that reason I too weighing on regular tablet. And as the kindle app for the tablet is also available so it should not be much of an issue.

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    Another thing just crossed my mind, that Kindle might be used simply as a dedicated gadget for reading while on the move. If we notice carefully, people are losing out in patience very fast. They cannot concentrate on a single book through a long-hour journey.
    One cannot carry several books as we all want to be light weight. In such cases, a kindle simply can give you access to several books and all you have to carry along is a lightweight gadget. It might come handy at flights and even in train journeys, when you either cannot go online.or your network coverage is poor. So I think, the Kindle can be given a rank of utility value only for these cases.

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    Anwesha, even in that case, carrying a tablet is hundred times better than the Kindle. That is because almost all tablets do have support to install the Kindle app on it. That way, you can download all your Kindle purchases on the Kindle app installed on the tablet and access it while on the journey. I would consider a multi utility gadget better than a gadget that would have only one use.
    I do not see any better usage on a Kindle than that on a tablet. It is nothing more than just a status symbol and device to flaunt for the affluent among us.

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    Frankly speaking, I neither own a tablet, nor a Kindle. But by going on a guess work, I thought as in flights they ask to switch off the mobile, they could ask the same for tablets.

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    Airplane mode is available for the tablet and smartphone. So after the initial takeoff the airplane mode can keep the device active. So that should not be much of a problem inside the airplane. Only thing that favors the kindle device is the ability to adjust the screen light as per the surrounding photo sensitivity. Regular tablet which has kindle app that can't make use of e-ink sensors.

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    Then could it be the size of Kindle that people could prefer for reading than a tablet? As I guess, for those for whom economy is not priority might choose a Kindle which is easier on hand rather than a tablet. But even I agree with you that there couldn't be any utility value of this gadget.

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    Airplane mode will definitely be helpful in using the smartphone the same way as you would use your Kindle app. But, carrying the Kindle gadget alone may not be a good idea as it will not aid you in any other tasks than reading the books that have been stored on the device. Do you think you can spend all of your idle time in just book reading? A tablet would definitely offer value addition with its multiple usages.
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    Tablet PC is the best for feature wise but some writers (like novelist, writer, author, readers) prefers just Kindle only and it is because of their particular choice and preference for easy access of the content. Though they might have also Mobile phone or Smartphone on the move for a communication purpose but Kindle gadget assist them for reading or writing with whole satisfaction upon their journey including finest battery back up compare to Tab, and light weight to carry around.

    All are not tech savvy, so, they might just wanted simple feature what their purpose is for, so Kindle might be their best choice for reading and writing. Here our case is little different, we need all together in just one device, which is Tab PC that including Audio, Video, Camera (might be above 8MP), Calls (SIM or Dual SIM), Games (including Xbox), Apps (including professional app), Long battery backup (for a day or more than two), Cheap and best price (under 5k), Gorilla glass (if possible), Read, Write and on whole day.


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    The choice should depend upon the preference you have. I would guess that should be the only criteria for while choosing between a tab and a Kindle.
    If you are someone who is an avid reader, a Kindle may be a good choice. However, if you prefer the books with more graphic and images - maybe a tablet PC should be a good option. A Kindle device ( at normal price) may not provide you the kind of graphics that a Tablet can.
    If you are the one who can be easily distracted, a Kindle would be a great choice. A tablet will have a lot of distractions in the form of social media alerts or other sort of things that may pull you out of the book you are going through. If you just want to embrace the world within the book, and forget about the world outside, go for a Kindle.
    A tablet will give you access to different Ebook applications. This would be helpful in downloading EBooks from different stores. Kindle on the other hand would be restricted to one account and one bookstore. That should be one of the advantages associated with a Tablet.

    In essence, the choice should be based on personal preferences.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I am going to gift the product to someone who don't know the difference between kindle and tablet. And so I am deciding to go with the tablet. As it serves multiple purpose. And that means the device can be of use apart from being just another single use device.

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