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    Regarding page views on Adsense

    I had posted some articles (above 20) on Techulator in last year. Page impressions showing in my Adsense for Techulator is very less (about 20-40 page views daily). I understand that traffic depends on ranking of the articles but I think this is not correct . I can say so as per my experience here in the past. Can any editor or admin check the stats of these articles and let me know that they are being displayed correctly in my Adsense profile.

    I have checked the settings on Adsense and everything looks fine there.
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    Possibility may be this that your revenue sharing period must have ended, as you say that you had written the article last year. Here we can share revenue for 365 days from the day of posting the content. After that you don't get any income from that post. Although in some cases like being Editor or Platinum and Diamond level member, chances are there that your revenue share period can be extended but that is not guaranteed. Check your Revenue Share Period here.
    So that's why you need to contribute continuously so that earning from sources like AdSense, Kontera and Infolinks don't stop.

    Note to Editors: Please correct me if I am wrong as in ISC, once I remember I asked Webmaster to increase my revenue share period from 365 to 730 days.

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    Few possibilities throwing on this. I am guessing if you are under Diamond member level then 12 month of revenue share period is applicable. Then the adsense ads stop showing on those articles. Diamond level and above people get 18 months of revenue share (Correct me if I am wrong).

    Another possibility is that the topic you have written has fetched less searches. You have to also promote the articles in order to get the views. As you are getting most of the views during this period of revenue share, I am guess you need to try social media and other option. You may need to look for that option too. I suggest checking with editors on both of these possibilities. I am sure you can figure out next mode of action based on that.

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    Sharing your content on social media profiles may be a good way to generate more page views and thereby, hopefully, more revenue. I would advise you to share the content on as many social media sites as possible. StumbleUpon and Twitter can fetch better results. I have also come to know from one of my blogger friends that sharing it on Flipboard can assure some good traffic.
    Also consider, updating your content. You will lose your points and cash credits temporarily. But, they will be restored once the article is reviewed again. You may inform the editors, or the webmasters that the content has been updated, or republished. Do not attempt republishing it without making any value addition though.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    Thanks for the replies but my query is not resolved. I asked about the page views related to the articles I posted in last 12 months only. There are about more than 20 such articles that should be giving 905 page impressions in my Adsense profile. I am doubtful if this is getting reflected on my Adsense account correctly. This is why I posted for help from someone here capable to checking the total stats of those resources contributed by me.
    Krishna Verma

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    AdSense strategy changes often without the publishers knowledge, they deduct unwanted traffic or referral traffic of the webpages etc. The Google (AdSense team) have their own parameters, unique process and statistic which they doesn't reveal. They just term as SEO, Black hat SEO, White hat SEO and on and you just need to understand the scenario from them and perform accordingly. They also follow the IP address traffic as single visit. However, we have to accept and consider the finalization of their stat only at AdSense account.

    You may also observe that there will be some visits / counts differences between Statcounter vs AdSense account. Both of them have their own parameters and obviously ignore some traffic or update the genuine one later etc.

    If you feel too much differences of the organic traffic then you may raise a query at AdSense Forum to learn something new from their team.

    Another reason for low traffic to our webpages is like too much competition for the same 'niche' articles and daily hundreds of new tech blogs creation globally. Likewise, there are stiff competition all around. How you stand and chase them is the matter and you have to work accordingly.


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