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    RBI Unified Payment Gateway anyone tried it?

    I just found out about the UPI service from the RBI. I have not set it up but heard a lot from the YouTube videos and the online reviews. For those who don't know what it is. The service basically setup the unique ID through which a person can get paid in the bank account. And here there is no complicated naming system in this process.

    Currently the AXIS and ICICI are in process for setup with the UPI interface. It is being offered through the mobile app for now. I am waiting till the Kotak sets this up properly on their dashboard. And then maybe I'll try to use it for my account.

    So waiting for setting this up for myself. I want to know if anyone here on techulator has used this system and how it works realtime. Have you used and setup UPI gateway system?
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    Yes Mahesh, I have tried a few non-banking UPI apps like Splitkart, Trupay, Paysay, PhonePe and Mypoolin. I found these non-banking UPI apps more easy to use than the banking ones.
    Currently there are 25 banks which have enabled this UPI app, and these non-banking UPI apps are in collaboration with one or more of these Banks.
    These apps come really handy when we need to pay up for a group payment for some special occasions, like a Picnic, a social cause fund raising, organizing any cultural event and so on.
    In most of these apps there is another fantastic feature which is called the "reminder" or "You Owe Me" that automatically keeps reminding those members for their due payments and other members need not face the embarrassing situation of asking them for it several times. These apps maintain transparency, so a group that you create within this app would be always in the know how of things and the split payment option gets operated the most easiest manner without any headache.

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    No, I haven't used such system as of now but will look forward to use it. Lately I have come across a mobile only banking service started by Singapore based DBS Bank-Digibank. I must say you all should use their facilities and it's really very simple. You don't have to go anywhere to open your bank account. Every process can be carried out through your android based mobile. To promote their app, they are giving free coffee at CCD. So all in all they are trying to compete with HDFC Bank's PayZapp, ICICI Bank's Pockets, Axis Bank's Lime, and State Bank of India's SBI Buddy, along with mobile wallet companies like Paytm and MobiKwik.

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    Well, I have not tried any UPI app so far. I am waiting for the State Bank of India UPI app. I do not have account in any other bank. However, I have been looking forward to using more such apps.
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    I am looking for Kotak's one so that I can try that. Maybe if the ICICI one gets released then asking for payout from ISC or Techulator through that username of UPI would be easy for me. Not sure if the payment system on the site may use that. but it;s interesting concept nonetheless. I hope to write my experience on that UPI payments if I get that.

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    You may not be able to use the UPI payment mode for your payments from Techulator and ISC. As of now the sites use only NEFT mode of payments.
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