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    Is the Member Rank feature in Techulator running active?

    I just observed through a couple of months that my member rank in this site has not changed at all. Whether I was being active or inactive, the member rank stayed the same for all these days. I was just being curious if this member rank feature in Techulator is running active nowadays and if all the members are facing the same issue.
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    I am not sure how to verify the ranking. Because It seems my rank is pretty much fixed. I am guessing that the ranking is based on the total points leader-board. By that ranking my rank remained the same I guess. So those with more points are at the top. And this is something constant for others too. But that is just my speculation. I am sure Timmappa and Hafeez knows better about this than the other members.

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    As per my knowledge goes, the member rank used to change every week on Mondays. The criteria was definitely points acquired by the member that particular week. It was perhaps even commensurate with the level of membership, and it was again an automated feature.

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    Though the ranks do update weekly, the criteria is just not the points acquired or even yearly. I am not aware of the exact logic of rank calculation but mine did move up from 3 to 2 last month. So I guess it is calculated based on the total points with some extra weightage for the recent points.
    One more thing I guess is there that if the top members don't login then their point recalculation is not done. In such cases the particular ranking stagnates.

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    But we are logging in everyday, even then it's the same. For example in the last month, though I logged in everyday for editing, I didn't post anything till the last week. But my rank remained the same as it is now. Even Mahesh is facing the same issue.

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