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    Self Driving Cars would you give up freedom?

    I just checked some of the companies are using the self driven cars in their premises. So we may see soon the IT sectors in India too have those installed. And they may take you on the ride. And this is something interesting considering people don't trust other people.

    And there is going to be a divide in the thought process of people. One that does not want to give up control to the machines. And another group that trusts machine more than the people. So that is one interesting part of the change that is coming towards india.

    I don't think a lot of people are going to be giving up driving even if the cars came out. Because people want to show off their own skills and not to be riding over by the machines.

    What do you think this change will be for India?
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    For me, frankly speaking it would be none of the above, and still I am just waiting for that day to come, when I would get a ride all by myself without having to worry about the situation surrounding me.
    The benefits would be simply uncountable.
    Firstly, the cars hopefully would be programmed in such a manner that it includes almost all the driving situations.
    Secondly, the probability of accidents would supposedly reduce, if the cars have sound proximity sensors.
    Thirdly, there would be a kind of discipline on the road, which is lacking in India beyond measures.
    Then there would be less blame game and Street fights as things would be automated.
    But the divide you are talking about could be mitigated if the cars have the elasticity of options where one can choose to go for the manual driving mode, according to their requirement. Or if the program has enough customizing features.

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    I totally understand your point of view. Condition of how people driving in India is really not safe. But I guess the loss of control won't make many people happy in that case. But yes I do agree a lot of things can be controlled. That being said, self driving cars look promising for many circumstances.

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    There was a time when we used the simple phones with simple handling features but today we use the smart sensible devices for our daily purpose uses. So technology is rapidly changing at great momentum and that day is not far when we will see automated cars running along the Indian roads. Robots doing various unproductive work in the houses etc.
    Maybe you are correct at some point that Indians showcase or like to showcase their skills but we all have the eagerness to try out new things. In start everyone would be interested in such technology and would surely adopt it.
    Although I believe it is very tough for Indian roads to smoothly run automated cars as we have lot many problems to tackle. Every second Indian on Monday morning can be found rushing towards metro and buses so that he can reach office on time. So in that case most probably that person won't be entertained by the rules and regulation coded in the automated car.

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    Self driven cars may not be successful in India in any near future. Given the worst road sense or etiquette in driving ethics observed here, you may need to wait for some more time. Though they look much promising and quite useful, under the practical circumstances prevailing in India it may not be feasible.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    I totally agree on the point of road sense. And some of the time road despite being good people drive very carelessly. And drunk driving is one reason that may make some people to use the car in automated way. I am guessing people who get drunk should make use of such feature.

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    The real problem will crop up when there will be a mixture of self driven cars and manual ones. The scenes are going to be somewhat really unimaginable where the manual cars would continue in creating havoc on the roads and I am not sure, if any God sent programming would be capable of handling Indian citizen.
    To make it successful, all the cars should be self driven at one go, which is never going to happen in India. There is no concept of "all" in our country, so the consequences will turn to be weird, unless some huge change comes in near future.
    But as a concept I like it like anything, as there would be no unnecessary headache while traveling through such a car, if other things go well simultaneously.

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