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    Where is the Social Media Sharing Link?

    Last few days, I've been trying to share my articles on my social media pages directly from the Techulator site. But I am not being able to find one. Earlier as far as my memory goes, there was the usual social media links present at the bottom of the articles, somewhere before the place for the comments. So I used to share the article in Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.

    But really speaking I am not sure with my memory, if it was really there, or I used to copy paste my links.
    But I think the social media site links present in all the pages of Techulator would be a great thing to have, as not always we get time to share the pages separately in different sites by copying each of the links and pasting them.
    The links should be such that we could even share anybody's posts whenever we feel they are interesting enough. The links could be there even for Product Reviews, Ask Experts and Article Sections and why not for Forum, if we are discussing something worthy.
    In this way the traffic to our site can improve like anything and we can even get more members to join.
    Friends please share your view on this.
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    I have noticed that the site is going through some cosmetic changes. And so the widgets for the social sharing may have lost. But based on my experience, I didn't noticed any social media sharing button at the bottom. for the article. Not sure if it was there at the start. I am guessing I ignored the button that was visible at the top title.

    I like the idea for sharing button and it'd be good for bringing traffic. Because relying on Google is not going to help the revenue. And also people these days spend more time on social media instead of the search engine. So traffic through social media definitely matters.

    But I like the suggestion. So I hope webmaster and Tony Sir take a look at it.

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    I guess the links have gone with the latest changes in the UI. The links were available before as Anwesha pointed out. Now the only way to access it is to edit your article and then save it. You will get the links for sharing it on social media. However, if it is an approved article, you may get it republished.
    Live....and Let Live!

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