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    Do we need Air Purifier?

    While browsing the Xiaomi's website I came across this product. The air purifier system. it costs similar to the cooler price. It is 9K and seems to be available for limited amount for now. And that's where I want to know if country like India needs it or not.

    I know that some of the places in India have lot of pollution. So for them this product can be useful. There is a demo for the product too on youtube which you can check.

    However the question remains if you really need the air purifier? I am guessing most of the metro cities do need the Air purifier.
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    If things are not going to change for better and people remain equally indifferent to the pollution factor, then definitely this is going to be an indispensable gadget in the coming days.

    But personally speaking, I think it would only be a temporary solution to the pollution issue giving people a relief from it only for a while. As a gadget it cannot be installed everywhere round the cities and the exposure to pollution would not get controlled by this machine anyway. At best people can get it as a home and office appliance. But our home and office are not the points of pollution, the streets are. And there this gadget is not going to be of any help.
    So in my opinion, this gadget is only a means of making business exploiting the fear of pollution in people and that's it.
    The money it costs would make a nice green patch in the corner of a house and it would be much natural and healthier solution to this problem.

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    This is true. Green patch at home can be more effective. The outside pollution is less likely to have an impact the reason being people are not in favor of population control. So we have to deal with it by focusing on air purification for now.

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