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    Google Assistant in Allo App

    I am using google's Allo messenger. And the reason I am using the most is not because it's whatsapp replacement. But it is very good app for using the google assistant. And I am sure many people will be using google assistant once they try it.

    It can schedule stuff for you. And you can get reminder based on those schedule. For example I have one automated task that posts one joke every morning at 8. And another that shows random funny video at 11. So this way it can be really good to show me the content I wish to access on particular time. If extended it can be used to do a lot of things. I am sure currently it has its limitation.

    I may review it once I get my hands on the API side of it. If I can use this in sample android app or so then I'd be able to review it much deeper. I heard that this same API is being used in google home as well.

    Have you tried google assistant?
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    Oh Yes, even I have got the Allo app installed in my phone. Its simply fantastic. Its like having a virtual friend there beside you, and you can ask it anything. For lazy people like me who is always struggling against time, Google Allo is a boon.
    It comes very handy especially when we are outdoors, looking for a restaurant, getting the basic info about a new place where you are driving through, everything is all at one place.
    The Google Assistant do work like a personal assistant and I am really feeling like a Boss without having to pay a penny fr the service my assistant is giving me :)

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    I am using it too. I like the Personal Assistant that goes one step ahead of the regular virtual assistant. Touted as the next Google Now on Tap, the Google assistant will, in fact, work as a real friend guiding you all the way in whatever you plan to do.
    Sadly, apart from the Personal Assistant, the app does not yet seem to have any user base it can feel proud of. It would be great to see more user chipping in.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I hadn't heard about this app before until now and I immediately downloaded it in my mobile. I tried this app for some time and I found that it is kind of similar to "Helpchat" which offer same service along with other services like recharges, cab booking facility etc. Although Helpchat fetch the data and information from Google search itself, but takes time to respond but here the response time is very fast. Apart from that we can easily send message to other device without any cost.

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    Google Allo can definitely be a great replacement for WhatsApp. I am just looking for it to gain the user base that apps like WhatsApp or Hike have.
    However, I feel Google could have improved its Hangouts app itself rather than leaving it half baked. Instead of having different apps for video calls and messaging, there should have been a unified service that could have incorporated all those features. Given the Google habit of leaving the projects midway ( a fresh example is Google Ara), it will be high time that Google builds its base for better.

    Live....and Let Live!

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