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    Why purchase old Iphone?

    Every year when the Apple announces new phone, you will find that indian newspaper have the ad displayed for the old iphone versions on sale. I have just checked the ads for the iphone 5S and Iphone 6. And the prices and the EMI is reduced.

    I do understand that people have made Iphone a status symbol. Just like they do with some car models. I know it can be irrational. But even for someone who can afford to buy such phone for status symbol. How reasonable and logical it is to buy old models which practically closer to their lifecycle end?

    I mean 1 year and 6 month of each of these phones are already up from their total lifespan. And the software support wise they only have 3 years left for that model. Resale value is also not going to be good during next buyback purchase of the phone.

    So why people are obsessed with buying old Iphones?
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    Well, I do not see anything else than a status symbol in going for an old iPhone. I cannot see the logic behind opting for an older phone at the higher price when you can get the features on a new Android devices.
    I have never used an iPhone. Maybe I do not understand the reasoning for opting for an iPhone. Apart from the security, there do not seem to be any huge differences between an iPhone and an Android - at least from my point of view.

    Yes, it could be a good decision if you do not want the latest features on a newer iOS device. You can upgrade the device to the latest software and enjoy the benefits. But still, the logic is beyond my understanding.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I think it is instigating the competitive spirit of those users who generally want to show off to people that they are having an iPhone. The reason for which they might be doing this, is making use of people's short term memory, because of which the friends and folks will not be able to remember what model they were using last time till when and start thinking that he has got an iPhone since when it has been released. Hence even an old model iPhone will make them show that they possess it, but right now they haven't upgraded to the latest one.

    Silly fellows will always have silly intentions and the business houses will make money exploiting such mentality. In my opinion, its nothing but fooling one's own self by buying such stuff.

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    I remember in our college days, a guy or girl with an iPhone was know to be the cool studs and everyone praise them. So maybe this is the reason that most youths in general want to get iPhone even it has been used for 1 and a half year.
    Well according to me, it is totally illogical to buy used iPhones. I would better prefer some new Android phones which will serve my purpose. I have used iPhone but I feel comfortable with Android devices. Moreover the application file size is very much compact in android devices as compared to the iPhones one, which certainly save your data too.

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    That is true. The app size in iphone can be huge. And also the amount of time it takes for multi taksing properly. I am sure even old android phones beat the iphones on that account. As for youth point, I do agree, youth has that impression for iphone products.

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