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    Google's October 4 event - what to expect?

    Google is coming up with a special event on October, 4. There was a tweet in the past about something quite interesting coming up. What exactly could it be?
    I would expect expect some concrete announcement with respect to Andromeda. Apart from that, possibilities of major announcements on Google Station and the newly proposed plans for India could also occupy a centre stage.

    There have been talks about the Pixel phones as well. I would hope that the free WiFi plans floated by Google will take a proper shape at the event.
    What do our techians feel about the event that is underway? Come on, share your opinions.
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    I am guessing the new changes to their kernel of Fuschia and few other changes in the android development. I am also expecting few of the google services being shown. Though Wifi and the broadband services may come in for US and other places. I don't see it is being released for india as of yet. Google has released the unlimited internet at some of the railway stations in india with help of government. So that is one news to look at too.

    As of now. i am looking forward towards the android changes. I am hoping that there is not much learning curve for the developers. Because that will increase my work at office. As any merging with new OS may mean that old apps and phones becoming obsolete lot quicker. And makes it harder for the testing department. So yes andromeda is something to look forward too.

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