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    Can't Microsoft take action on illegal copies of Windows?

    Well, the question I have raised may raise a few eyeballs along. But, the thought just occurred to me as I was working with my laptop.
    As we are aware, most of the Windows installations are not legal. Most of us use pirated copies of Windows OS. And we are aware that Microsoft knows it. In that case, why can't Microsoft crack down on the illegal copies, or force the users to opt for the activated versions? Not that it is what we want the software giant to do, but I am just posing the hypothetical question as to why MS cannot, or to be precise - is not doing it?
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    Cracking down on individuals is a risky affair which inadvertently leads to bad publicity. There have been such cases in past where some company filed a lawsuit again the illegal download of a pirated copy from torrent for all downloads. However, it led to so bad publicity for the company that they had to withdraw the lawsuit.
    Also, it just leads to more financial costs for the company in terms of court cases. Then there is the problem of slow justice in India.
    All in all it is much more economical to go after business who use unlicensed software than to go after individuals.

    Then, there is the struggle for remaining the OS with the highest penetration. Microsoft would rather prefer you using their pirated software than using some other OS altogether.
    An interesting read here:

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    Thanks for those awesome inputs, Ankit. Even when you are using the pirated copy of their software, it remains beneficial for the company in one way or the other. That should be the crux of this discussion.
    Live....and Let Live!

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    Microsoft is moving to Azure platform(which means it's infrastructure hosting platform like amazon AWS). Considering this is the future of cloud. And inrastructure can't be pirated or hard to take down in terms of competition, Microsoft doesn't care if piracy happens from Windows 10 version onwards.

    So microsoft is doing what Apple and Amazon is doing on cloud. Microsoft literally gave away the Windows 10 and for some people they are even getting Windows 10 upgrade message even now. The reason being they want to acquire more customers with Windows OS and .NET platform. Why .NET? because microsoft made it open source and they want developers to use .NET so that their azure will sell.

    On little about azure. It's AWS like platform, here you can use any OS of your choice and you can use any programming language. Here you are charged for number of hours of hosting like amazon does. so you are using linux or windows doesn't matter on azure as long as MS makes money. You using .NET or php does't matter if you are on azure. So piracy on cloud is rare and that's why microsoft is making OS open, framework open and making people like their open source and strategies. the reason being if they use monopoly like apple, they'd be separated from the SMEs and developers who have more choices now. So MS wants to get on the race with open source and keep the remaining developers on their platform.

    Don't be surprised if future kernel of Windows is BSD or Linux based and allows linux apps to run inside Windows. MS is gone beyond piracy and cloud based subscription platform for future is their goal.

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