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    Android Nougat on Minimum Spec Device

    I just tried updating the Android to the nougat version. The specification for the mobile were minimum as in 1ghz mediatek and 1GB RAM. So it was on minimum amount of device requirement as the processor and RAM are like 18 month old so far. Still rooting and the installation process went completely safe. Also I managed to install the nougat and got it running.

    One thing that bothered me here was when your device is 18 months or more older then it starts to lag for the update which is 2 year ahead in the lifecycle. And it is kind of obvious that the device may run slow from here onward. it has it's lag in between the application switch or for dual app running mode. I am trying to find some minimal ROM to run on top of this to get the system for better performance.

    Have you tried the Android N on low specification device?
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    I have not yet tried Android Nougat on my device. Currently I am on Cyanogen Mod 13 which is based on Android Marshmallow. I have plans of upgrading to CM14 which is based on Android Nougat. But since the builds are still being developed, I want stay away from experimenting. The major reason being my phone is my primary device.

    Android Nougat is something I would definitely try given the features it comes with. Only point that is holding me back is that it will take me a couple of days to set everything right - all that backing up, restoration and copying of data.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I have one more device Redmi which needs to be updated. I am thinking of updating it with CM13. Because the current kitkat isn't good for it anymore. It's been so long that soon there won't be any app update for it.

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    Well, I guess CM 13 is quite good except for the fact that it has a little camera bug. The issue can be solved by installing the camera restarter app from Play Store though. I am not sure whether it affects RedMi.
    Live....and Let Live!

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