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    Apple iPhone 7 - do you resent the lack of 3.5mm audio jack?

    Among other things, Apple has made a huge change with its latest flagship. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will not have the ubiquitous 3.5 mm audio jack anymore. It will use the lightening port instead for connecting your headset. How is it going to affect your experience?
    3.5mm audio headsets have become quite traditional and quite easy to find. Now, with the lack of it you will need to search for a headset with lightening port connector which are not available aplenty. Of course, Apple has decided to offer the lightening port to 3.5 mm adapter for time being in the sales package, but would not be an extra burden to carry along with your phone? Until the time the headset is available in quite good numbers, it would definitely be a concern for most of the iPhone fans.

    How do our techians feel about this change? I would love to see the reactions to this move from Apple.
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    I see two things here one is market disruption with monopoly based hardware change and second new business open for the accessories sellers. So it means there is going to be a change for the sellers which they have to adapt and adjust with new apple changes. There is a upper class market for this so definitely that market will continue to adapt to the any change that apple throws at the people who purchase apple product.

    What I find interesting is that why sudden change out of nowhere. I mean they could have launched this from the ipad and then slowly moved to all other devices. But this sudden change will get many people by surprise. As there was no format announcement for this at WWDC. I'd say for time being this just adds the burden of price for now and more sales for the apple store.

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    There could be many reasons why it has been dropped. The major reason appears to be the space that the connector takes .
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