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    Google's Answer to Siri and Echo

    Amazon has launched Echo and has shown the number of possibilities. The reason microsoft has yet to launch into it outside their desktop goes to show that they are working on some product. And soon they may reveal their plans for this "internet of things" concept of helping bot.

    However google has not shown any product signs upto recent release of fucshia. And it seems that fucshia may come up with the embedded os that can power devices such as this. Though moving android to this platform will only fragment this product. So i am guessing like apple that google wants to keep things in house.

    What do you think could be the name of the device that is going to run fucshia and may work like echo and siri powered devices?
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    Google has already been into the competition with its newly launched Google Home. It does come with almost all the features that Echo has. It can use your voice to guide the it to set the temperatures on your thermostat or set a reminder on your calendar.
    Echo has the first mover advantage. However, Google has the potential to outdo the Echo. To begin with, Syncing with multiple devices is what Google has, and Echo lacks. The personal assistant on Google Home can understand the questions hurled at it in terms of context. For instance, if you ask it, "who is the prime minister of India", it will come with the right answer and if your next question is "what is his age?" - Google Home will understand that the question is with reference to the prime minister and respond accordingly.

    Let us see how both of them work out to gather the top spot.

    Live....and Let Live!

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    I just checked the google home website. Not much information out there. However the boxed product does look like replica of Yeelight product. So it'd be interesting to see how they make the final product. I am guessing Google IO 2017 may have the update on this.

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